ATOM FlashCut EASY 888

Automatic Dieless Cutting Solution for Shoes & Small Leather Goods


The ATOM FlashCut EASY 888 Knife Cutting Table is the ideal dieless cutting solution for small and medium production of shoes and small leather goods.  The complete accessibility to the working surface, the possibility to place materials larger than the actual cutting surface due to the canti-levered beam structure & the back space for material support, the high brightness projectors for the layout & identification of piece codes during off-loading, and the double working area to optimize productivity make the ATOM FlashCut EASY 888 the perfect knife cutting system for shoe and leather goods factories.   The cutting quality is excellent thanks to the mechanical accuracy of the machine’s axes (steel rack & pinion) and the powerful multi-tool cutting head which accepts all the traditional tools in the ATOM range to cut-punch-crease-mill-mark any shape.  In particular, the pneumatic oscillating knife chuck, capable of cutting thick leather, shank board and multi-layer textiles up to 25mm in thickness.

Compact design, robust structure, reliable, economic but without compromises, the FlashCut EASY 888 is the new standard for cutting operations worldwide.  In the 1970’s, the “classic” G888 Traveling Head Die Cutting Press became the reference for die cutting machines used in shoe & leather goods factories throughout the world.  Today, thanks to over 65 years of experience and more than 250,000 cutting machines sold worldwide, ATOM introduces the FlashCut EASY 888 Knife Cutting Table; “Innovation in Tradition”.

Besides the traditional shoe & leather goods components, the ATOM FlashCut EASY 888 is the ideal dieless knife cutting system for gaskets in their various forms (tang graphite included), foams and laminated foams, rubber and it’s by-products, technical textiles and composites, adhesive laminates and similar products. In addition, the FlashCut EASY 888 can be coupled with a wide variety of material handling options to create a complete narrow web dieless converting system for roll-roll kiss cutting applications.

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