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FEBA Converting Machinery Srl engineers & manufactures innovative & highly productive semi-automatic & fully automatic slitters-rewinders for converting a full range of self-adhesive and non-adhesive materials. FEBA develops advanced, proven technologies that increase production, simplify operations, significantly reduce downtime, and provide outstanding finished roll quality with solutions customized to meet your exact converting requirements.

The FEBA duplex and turret style slitting & rewinding systems are commonly used for converting self-adhesive & non-adhesive materials like carton sealing tapes (PVC, BOPP), paper tapes, medical & sport tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, automotive & aerospace tapes, construction tapes, foam tapes, protection tapes, graphic & self-adhesive labels,  laminated materials, textiles & non-wovens, flexible packaging and similar products.

FEBA offers a variety of slitter rewinder designs & features to handle specific materials & processes: customized solutions to meet your unique requirements. Innovative systems for unwind tension and rewind torque control allows for minimal waste, and rolls of perfect quality for every type of material, with the production process controlled by a recipe driven system.  FEBA slitting & rewinding machines can also include lamination & delamination stations, liner recovery rewinds, in-line perforating units, splicing tables, web inspection & web-break detection systems, in-line labeling, roll end tab (double sided adhesive), automatic roll unloading & core loading systems via robotics, and in-line or off-line packaging solutions.

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Unwind Technology

Several unwind options have been engineered to integrate with FEBA’s various Duplex & Turret Style Slitters-Rewinders: 1) Braked, 2) Surface Driven & 3) Central Surface Double Drive.  The standard integral unwind is available with an expandable shaft (3”, 6”, 10” or 12”) or as an option, shaft-less, designed to facilitate efficient handling of the master roll.  The jumbo axe is motorized by an AC motor which will automatically decrease the break tension while the jumbo OD decreases in size with braking proportional to speed and roll diameter variations.  Options for these unwind stands include a position regulated dancer, a “step” in-between unwind & slitter, liner recovery, servo driven perforating units, splice tables (pneumatic or v-groove), web break detection units, and automatic edge guide alignment systems.