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About Us

Manufacturers Supplies Company, offers the world’s most comprehensive and competitive converting system technology portfolio.  Headquartered in Saint Louis MO, we’ve been a leading equipment & solutions provider across a diverse array of industrial sectors since 1907.

With a comprehensive range of precision cutting & converting technologies, our emphasis is on application development, training and after sales support.  Choosing the right product and configuration requires an intimate understanding of the clients needs linked to the product’s features and benefits that will unlock the best life-cycle value.

The heart of our operation is cutting-edge technology.  We partner with only the highest quality equipment manufacturers worldwide, solidifying our reputation as the leading equipment supplier of industrial converting systems and solutions. Manufacturers Supplies’ singular strength lies in our ability to tap this wide spectrum of products, technologies, and services and direct them toward solving specific converting needs. This integrated, comprehensive approach to problem solving is unique in the industry. MSC unmatched resources and technological depth result in direct, carefully considered, highly productive, and timely solutions.

Manufacturers Supplies Company’s strength not only lies in the high quality & technology of its partners equipment but also the depth of talented and experienced technical sales support team. The majority of our personnel are experienced in several disciplines, including mechanical, electrical and software programming. Our directive, and primary consideration, is to make dramatic improvements to our clients success by providing the latest technology available, excellent service-support and custom engineering for unique applications.