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Single knife log slitters

FEBA Srl Converting Machinery manufactures a complete range of fully automatic single knife log slitters & lathe slitting systems for the adhesive and non-adhesive tape markets, foam and rubber converters, textile manufacturers, producers of foils, protection films, graphite, roofing membranes, paper, laminates & similar products.
Imesa Srl Converting Machinery is the industry leader in the design, engineering, & manufacturing of automatic single knife log slitters for converting adhesive tapes, foam tapes, plastic films, non-woven, graphite, paper, fiber reinforced tapes, roofing materials and similar products from 400 to 1200 mm in diameter with working widths from 1600 to 3200 mm.

The FEBA SL & EMDS models automatically position the blade in relation to the external diameter of the log being slit (via sonar), automatically self-centering the blade (via laser), irrespective of its diameter, or how much has been removed during the grinding/polishing process, which is essential for the correct usage of an automatic blade axis angle and CNC system. Many of our customers convert a vast range of products in different diameters. With most “automatic lathe slitting systems”, the operators need to set at least the traversing stops for the slitting head, be it mechanically or electrically set, and also set the limit stops to take in to account the diameter of the roll and the diameter of the slitting blade.

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This operation, when changing blades and log sizes, can increase down time and overall cycle times to a stage where the conversion costs are no longer in tune with the base price of most lathe slit commodity products. The FEBA lathe slitting systems will not only slash cycle times when loading different diameters of material, but also when the operator has to change blades.

The range of log slitter’s IMESA is designed to optimize performance and sustained investment. The focus point of all the models, the Imesa cutting system allows the processing of several products without the need for a tool change, which makes it possible to optimize production times.

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The range of products varies from the entry-level product which guarantees excellent performance and productivity up to the cutting-edge technological innovation of the Log Slitter with Revolver system for materials loading / unloading without interrupting the cutting cycle, also available in the Full Automatic robotized. Diameters of the circular blades from 400 to 1200 mm and available widths from 1600 to 3200 mm and various optionals allow each cutting room to configure the log slitter according to their needs.