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The ATOM FlashCut High Production Knife Cutting Systems, Speedy Series, is a new dieless cutting technology combining flexibility and output. ATOM knife cutting tables have a reputation as one of the fastest machines on today’s market.

However, we realize the market is always looking for a more versatile & productive system. Therefore, we designed a cutting system with two independent multi-tool cutting heads with transport cutting belt or the combination of a transport cutting belt with “pinch-grab” material feeding pincers.

ATOM’s long and successful experience achieved with their CNC traveling head presses has been transferred to the design of this new system. Considerable advantages derive from this way of material handling which offers the flexibility of feeding material in roll or sheet form, in single or multiple layers, elastic or rigid with a high degree of feeding accuracy (+/-0.1mm). There are three sizes available in the Speedy Series, model 1660 with a 1600mm wide work area, model 2160 with a 2100mm wide work area & the model 2660 with a 2600mm wide work area capable of processing a full leather hide.

designed to cut leather hides and equipped with software
solution to cut synthetic materials in single or multiple layers
solution to cut both leather and man-made materials

Available Configurations

ATOM offers a wide range of models & configurations in the SPEEDY series to satisfy any cutting needs and make them the perfect automated solution for footwear & leather goods, and synthetic materials in rolls or sheets both single & multi-layers.
SPEEDY B Series​
The FlashCut Speedy B Series is equipped with a transport cutting belt for front or rear material feeding designed to cut leather hides and equipped with software for manual and/or automatic nesting.

The FlashCut Speedy BP series is equipped with the international patented “pinch & grab” material feeding system, which guarantees the highest degree of feeding accuracy, and maximum material fixing during the cutting cycle. With the dedicated nesting software, the Speedy BP series are the optimal solution to cut synthetic materials in single or multiple layers.

The new “FLEX” series represents the evolution of the previous architecture of great success with over 2500 units installed worldwide since 2002. The new structure boasts several improvements in technology (cutting head, tooling options, electronics) and software (interface program, CAD compatibility & options) together with the new compact design make them extremely flexible for a wide range of industrial applications.

The solid steel rack and pinion system in place of a cogged belt increase the precision and operating speeds of the machine while the two pre-charged linear guide rails and enlarged beam adds to the robustness of the system. The new cutting surface with a higher degree of planarity coupled with the unique partitioned zoned vacuum system add even more suction power improving cut quality and overall accuracy.

With the option to add an overhead camera system for material contour recognition, projectors to visualize the cutting layout for assisted parts collection, the modular multi-tool cutting head and the powerful yet simple to use production control software make the FlashCut “FLEX” an efficient, versatile and powerful CNC digital knife cutting system.

+PLUS|Flashcut Speedy

Partitioned Vacuum System

Powerful, partitioned and adjustable vacuum system. Best fixing during cutting and highest energy saving.

Pinch-Grab Feeding System

Covered by international patent, it assures maximum material feeding, even for multiple layers.

Two Cutting Heads

The cutting and punching speed, applied to two independent heads, allows high output.

High Cutting Accuracy

The perfect parallelism between knife and working surface grants the highest cutting accuracy.

Picking Assistance

Speedy and easy picking of cut pieces thanks to the original software managing the back projectors, allowing to gather parts by size and color.

Optimized Nesting

Customized automatic nesting software. User friendly interface. Reduction of the process times and maximum material yield.

Acquisition Systems

In-line and off-line leather acquisition systems. Digital pen for marking quality areas.

Modular Material
Handling Solutions​

Standard & custom engineered material unwinds stands & winders, feeding and spreading machines, sheet-loaders, and in-line loading & off-loading tables.