ATOM FlashCut EASY 888 L30

Leather Cutting Solution with an Excellent Balance between Performance & Price



The ATOM FlashCut EASY 888 L30 Inclined CNC Knife Cutting System is the ideal dieless cutting solution for any synthetic material: from the softest leather or elastic textile to hard/heavy leather for soles. The complete accessibility to the inclined working surface (1000mm x 3000mm), the possibility to place materials larger than the actual cutting area due to the canti-levered beam structure, the back space for material support, the high brightness overhead projection system for the layout & piece identification during off-loading, and the dual working area to optimize productivity (alternate between cutting & nesting process) make the FlashCut EASY 888 L30 the perfect cutting system for any factory.

Thanks to the new compact design, the EASY L30 can be placed in any facility, reducing to a minimum the overall floor dimensions. The new multi-sector vacuum surface allows increased suction power and guarantees the perfect “hold-down” of single & multi-layer materials and the highest energy savings at the same time. The powerful multi-tool cutting head (5 or 7 Tools), which can be equipped with a wide range of cutting chucks, marking pen and 3 or 5 punching tools, increase the machines overall versatility allowing a broader range of materials to be cut. In particular, the pneumatic oscillating knife chuck for cutting thick leather, shank board and multi-layer textile materials.

The EASY models can be combined with a wide range of Off-Line Leather Acquisition Systems equipped with digital pens for quality area marking (Vision Plus Models).

In addition to the traditional shoe & leather goods components commonly cut on the EASY series, the ATOM FlashCut EASY 888 L30 is the ideal knife cutting table for a wide range of materials used in the petro-chemical industry (tang graphite included), foams and adhesive backed foams (up to 25mm in thickness), rubber materials, composites (kevlar, pre-preg, carbon fiber etc.), plastics, components used in the medical field and similar products.

Point of Strength

Flashcut Points of Strength

  • Robustness of Structure & High Planarity: The machine framework is extremely solid, indigent to an ATOM cutting system.  The precision in the manufacturing of the cutting plane ensures a perfect parallelism between the material and the cutting head, granting a homogeneous cutting precision on the whole surface.
  • Smart Partitioned Zoned Vacuum System: The Flashcut cutting surface is divided into different sectors, each 12” x 12”, which can be independently activated.  Concentrating the cutting power where needed allowing for increased cutting speeds without affecting the cut quality and precision.
  • Powerful & Versatile Cutting Head: The multi-tool cutting head consists of five stations.  The main 40mm cutting tool station accepts a variety of knife chucks; fixed knife chuck, electric oscillating knife chuck, pneumatic knife chuck, pneumatic milling chuck or powered rotary cutter.  Two auxiliary stations are included to accept punch holders / drills, creasing tools, kiss-cut chucks, & 45° angle knife chucks.  A single plotting pen and pricker tool round out the group.  With this versatile cutting head, the Flashcut now becomes a multi-functional production system.
  • Automatic & Interactive Nesting Software: Nesting software is surely a key factor of the ATOM dieless cutting solution. Actually, it completes the cutting system optimizing material yields & dramatically reducing the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed. Since this is a crucial feature to any dieless cutting system, ATOM developed a series of software packages each capable of nesting shapes for a variety of market sectors.  The software used on all ATOM cutting systems is engineered by STRING, a software house partnered with ATOM for over 10 years.
  • Advanced yet Simple to Use Control Software: ATOM knife cutting tables are powered by advanced and reliable control software managing any operation using a simple menu designed to operate quickly and simplify operator training.
  • Two Independent Working Areas: While the machine is cutting on one ½ of the table, the operator can collect the cut pieces, prepare the next material and layout on the other ½ of the table for unbeatable performance and continuous production.
  • High Brightness Overhead Projection System: The overhead projectors allow for a clear visualization of parts and commands on all materials. This allows the cutting operation to be faster and more accurate. Gasket fabricators enjoy the flexibility of the projectors because now they can cut any remnant or scrap, no matter how irregular the shape, by manually placing parts within the area.
  • Advanced Safety Systems: All of the ATOM Flashcut dieless knife cutting tables and systems are equipped with state-of-the-art advanced safety systems which are in full compliance with European CE and OSHA Safety Standards.

Technical Specifications

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