ATOM FlashCut EASY 222 L12

Mobile Dieless Cutting Solution for the Petrochemical Industry


The ATOM FlashCut EASY 222 L12 Knife Cutting Table grants an excellent flexibility and price to performance ratio with the same efficiency to prototypes & small production batches to daily production runs. Compact dimensions & ease of accessibility to the working area, along with its powerful multi-tool cutting head & integrated high luminosity projection system, make the FlashCut EASY 222 L12 suitable to cut a wide range of materials in numerous industrial sectors.

The robust structure and wide range of tooling options allow it to cut the most difficult materials like compressed non-asbestos, steel inserted graphite, dense rubber, Teflon, plastics, fiberboard and foams up to 25mm in thickness.

Thanks to its compact size and design, the FlashCut EASY 222 L12 is easy to move, and can be installed in any working environment. Disconnecting its electrical & pneumatic supply it is mobile enough to be moved by a simple “trans-pallet”. Reposition; restore the utility connections, and the FlashCut EASY 222 L12 knife cutting machine is ready to work making it the perfect solution for companies involved in the maintenance of petrochemical facilities.