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Acquisition Systems

ATOM IntelliView

The ATOM IntelliView Leather Hide Acquisition System & Nesting Module is composed of a working table equipped with high luminosity projectors, cameras and an intelligent software program.

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The ATOM IntelliView Leather Hide Acquisition System & Nesting Module is composed of a working table equipped with high luminosity projectors, cameras and an intelligent software program able to recognize the material contour and assist the operator in marking the quality areas & automatically nest the pieces of the components on the leather hides. The final goal is to create a set of layouts related to a batch of hides ready to be cut on the ATOM Knife Cutting System; the proper layout (nest) is loaded and the cutting cycle begins. It is crucial to use a highly optimized nesting algorithm to maximize the material yield. ATOM offers multiple solutions with unique features for the footwear and leather-goods industry. The ATOM Automatic Nesting Packages guarantees high calculation speed thanks to the multi-processor software & notable savings in material utilization.

The skilled operator can be dedicated to the delicate phase of hide inspection & nesting only, leaving the cutting phase to the unskilled operator. The high luminosity projection system allows perfect visibility of the shapes on the most difficult leather hides in terms of dark colors or a shiny surface. The high resolution camera allows the system to quickly detect the contour of each hide along with marking the quality areas & its defects. The purpose of this operation is to supply all the data pertinent to the ATOM nesting strategies in order to increase the overall leather savings. In addition, both models, IntelliView 1510 & 3015, are available with a vacuum system for the working table, which allows the operator to flatten wavy leather and even thick leather for soles, ensuring precise acquisition & nesting.

+PLUS|Acquisition Systems & Nesting Software

Sequential Acquisition​

Sequential steps acquisition system allows the acquisition of hides larger the acquisition area, but above all, processing hides step-by-step, it eases hide inspection., by approaching the area to be inspected to the operator. Moreover, it optimizes the processing time, allowing to nest the shapes over the parts already examined.

FlashTracer Optical Pen​

It allows to easily mark defects and quality area of the hides, and to display them both on the screen ad directly on the hide, each one with a proper color. Moreover, FlashTracer operates as a mouse, able to launch nesting and cutting operations and to modify parameters directly on the working area.

Bar Code

After scanning and nesting calculation, the off-line acquisition systems print an identification label with bar code to be applied to leather. Thanks to the label reader, the operator can quickly and easily find the cutting layout which corresponds to the leather processed.

Optimized Nesting​​

Customized automatic nesting system. User friendly interface. Reduction of the process times and maximum material yield.

Pre-Printed Materials​

The in-line IntelliScan system scans the logo typed materials and coupled with the nesting algorithm, it automatically places the shapes to be cut according to the printed configuration on the materials.

Integrated Systems​

Integrated acquisition systems with ATOM FlashCut knife cutting tables combine acquisition, nesting, cutting & piece collecting in one solution. These “All-in-One” solutions cut operating & labor costs and allow the complete production cycle in one single machine.

Shape Acquisition​

Availability of digital scanning systems to automatically acquire pre-cut shapes or sets, eliminate the costly time associated drawing these files in an AutoCAD type software. The system takes a photo of the shape, vectorizes them, automatically corrects optical distortions, and exports data in .dxf or ATOM format ready to be cut.