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The Atom Clicker Press has been the most used die cutting machine for over 65 years. With the clicker press coming in several different series, we’re sure to have the machine to meet your production needs. Primarily used for cutting large sheets of material, it functions well with small or large end products.

This die cutting press is most commonly used for cutting leather, footwear, gaskets, foam, rubber, or plastics. To ensure you are getting the most customized machine for your type of die cuts, you can review the details and specifications of each series:

  • SE Series
  • S100 Series
  • Multi-force Series

The SE Series is created to cut different height that doesn’t need to be adjusted. It also has control buttons that go at a 3/10 second maximum delay as a safety feature.

The S100 Series is mostly used for cuts with different heights; it is a very quick and simple way of cutting.

Then we have the Multi-force Series, a more an eco-friendly system that cuts in a way that you use up to 50% less cutting pad.

Regardless of the die cutting clicker press, or other converting system you need, Manufacturers Supplies Co. works directly with manufacturers in Vigevano, Italy to get the machine you need. Visit our site to explore all we have to offer, and give us a call if you have any questions! There is also a form available on our contact us page. Thanks for considering us in your clicker press search!

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