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Tecnocut Waterspeedy S

WATERSPEEDY S is an advanced, versatile, high-performance waterjet cutting system developed especially for water-only technology and able to accommodate the most diverse production demands in different application fields, delivering accurate cuts.

CMS Tecnocut Waterspeedy S Video

WATERSPEEDY S is an advanced, versatile, high-performance waterjet cutting system developed especially for water-only technology, able to accommodate the most diverse production demands in different application fields, delivering highly accurate cuts. The system is designed to achieve, thanks to the shuttle table and the multiple cutting head configurations, continuous production while ensuring a clean environment and the highest safety standards.



WATERSPEEDY S consists of a bridge structure with two shuttle tables, mobile crossbeam and high guides, which make it compact and with quick motions and very tight tolerances. The motions – including the cutting heads – are carried outby high precision tempered ground rack, driven by brushless motors.

The working envelope is divided into two working areas, which enable to load and unload while the machine is in operation, in order to increase productivity and reduce machine downtime. The cutting area is completely protected by an enclosure with plexiglass panels that allow the operator to monitor machine operations, while at the same time minimizing the systems noise level. An accessible window, located at the front of the machine, grants access to the cutting heads for maintenance purposes.

The axes’ guides and racks are protected by sealed bellows which provides complete protection from water and dust. In order to protect and preserve the machine from corrosion and rust, all parts are treated with anti-rust process; base and bridge through sand-blasting and ceramic painting, the guards through electrolytic galvanizing and powder painting.

A vacuum system, installed on the side of the machine, allows steam evacuation and helps light material adhere to the working area. An automatic water spray system moves the scraps to the back of the machine where a paper filter retains impurities with a collection tank.

The cutting system, placed on the Z-Axis, has been wholly designed and assembled in CMS Italy. Water is brought to high pressure by an external intensifier and conveyed to the orifice, which is made either of sapphire, ruby, or diamond. The orifice, mixing chamber and mixing tube are perfectly aligned and equipped with an auto-centering function which allows easy and fast replacement. The system includes 3 pure water cutting heads with automatic distance adjustment and independent motors. Heads have been developed to obtain the highest performances during the cutting process and their components are perfectly aligned to guarantee a fast replacement. Distance between the heads is CNC controlled and it is possible to fit the machine with a 5 or 7 head system.

Forced injection, centralized and fully automated device for the management of lubrication of X, Y and Z axes, managed by the numerical control at scheduled intervals, without manual intervention and without stopping the machine. Pressure control and oil minimum level signals shown at the NC.

The WATERSPEEDY S Waterjet Cutting System is equipped with devices which assure the highest safety level while running:

  • Z-Axis has a motor brake to stop all motions in case of voltage breakdown.
  • Safety PLC, electronic system to manage the access to the machine
  • Safety pressure switch stops should the machine compressed air be in short supply.
  • The electric and water cables are suitably supported by a chain.
  • A cutting head guard protects from the water splash back.
  • Safety front light curtain barriers.
  • Front photoelectric barriers, along with a back metal cage, prevent any possible contact with mechanical parts.

WATERSPEEDY S is driven by an industrial grade OSAAI OPEN-M, an advanced and high performance numerical control coming from CMS’ machine tool experience. All main functions are managed from a PC Based Control Panel which allows easy and intuitive set-up and adjustment of all operations. The PC makes it easier to program the machine and provides outstanding user-friendliness.

The visual interface enables operators to quickly adjust parameters and production values, also thanks to the 21” color monitor and the graphic simulation of the cutting path. The system automatically manages the tool diameter, the contour vectoral speed and the slowdown when cutting, by allowing the interpolation of up to 12 axes. The cutting programs are G-Code based and driven directly from the onboard controller. All CMS’ numerical controls are open architecture (no proprietary code or software). The control unit allows the set-up of a network connection for remote assistance.

Machine control system includes a hand pendant, a remote control unit able to manage up to 6 axes that allows to operate the machine in a safe manner, in compliance with the most stringent international regulations. It features an integrated speed potentiometer, step to step or continuous motion, and emergency button.

TC2020 is a CAD/CAM software that allows the complete management of the waterjet cutting system technology and consists of 8 modules:

  2. Material Database (DB)
  3. Nesting and creation of a cutting list
  4. Definition of the cutting methods and parameters
  5. Creation of cutting programs (ISO) and taper protection correction (JDE)
  6. Production reports showing the cutting times and estimates
  7. 3D module and special machines
  8. Interface with external systems

With Tecnocut WATERSPEEDY S, CMS grants each customer the possibility to have an advanced system at a very reasonable investment.  Twenty years of experience and technological advances allowed us to manufacture high performance equipment that can reduce your production costs, all strictly made in Italy.  BE THE BEST. OWN THE BEST. – CMS | your technology partner.

Technical Specifications

Model: 1630
X Axis3000 mm / 117 in
Y Axis1600 mm / 63 in
Z Axis200 mm / 7.9 in
Worktable1630×3080 mm 64.17 x 21.26 in
Overall dimensions10150 x 4910 x 2800 mm | 399.6 x 193.3 x 98.43 in

Special Specifications Available Upon Request