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IMESA Model 593​

Automatic Slitting &
Guillotine Cutting System

The IMESA model 593 electronic automatic programmable slitting & guillotine cutting system is the ideal solution for converting, in sheet and roll form, a wide range of materials & is especially useful in the rubber industry in general

IMESA Model 593​​
Automatic Slitting & Guillotine Cutting System​ Video

The IMESA model 593 electronic automatic programmable slitting & guillotine cutting system is the ideal solution for converting, in sheet and roll form, a wide range of materials & is especially useful in the rubber industry in general: insulation, automotive, construction, gaskets, conveyor belting & textile industries. With this system, it is possible to cut the material lengthwise and transversally cut with a single operation.

Solid construction, engineered for extreme reliability, slitting & sheeting the most difficult materials, the 593 slitter-sheeter is available in working widths from 800mm up to 2500mm and can successfully slit using a blade & counter-blade system and sheet products using a shear (upper blade /lower counter-blade) assembly up to 38mm in maximum thickness with extreme precision & repeatability.

In addition to the standard machine configuration, the IMESA Model 593 automatic slitting & transversal guillotine cutting system can be equipped with a variety of auxiliary material handling devices including:

  • Cradle Unwinds: Suited for slitting & sheeting heavy materials wound in reels without cores.
  • Roller Tables: Suited for slitting & sheeting heavy sheets of materials. The roller tables are fitted both on the in-feed and out-feed of the slitting line.
  • Conveyor Belt Tables: To increase production, primarily for the handling of heavey materials in roll or sheet form, the IMESA slitting & shearing machine can equipped with powered in-feed & out-feed conveyor belt tables.
  • Powered Unwinds: Designed to unwind the jumbo, & longitudinally slit & then transversally sheet to the desired length. A variety of sizes and features available to handle rolls of materials up to 10,000 Lbs in weight.
  • Stacking System: Automatically stack finished cut sheets on the outboard.

The IMESA model 593 can also be installed in an existing production line. The speed of the feeding, slitting & guillotine cutting is adjusted with a mechanical or electrical dancer roller according to the end-users production requirements.

Model 593-Baby Narrow Web Slitting & Guillotine Cutting System

The Model 593-Baby electronic automatic slitting & guillotine cutting system was designed to cut flexible materials longitudinally and transversally in a single operation.  The machine is equipped with a power unwind, with speed controlled vis dancer roller (loop control) and a sensor for the automatic start-stop feeding of the material.  A roller assembly with adjustable pneumatic pressure, coupled with a transport conveyor belt powered with a brushless servo motor & encoder wheel guarantees precise indexing tolerances.

The slitting system is powered by a brushless servo motor, with adjustable blade speed rotation, and the interchangeable blade holder shaft allows for rapid slit width change-overs.  A programmable automatic blade lubrication device is fitted to aid in the slitting of dense rubber materials or soft-elastic materials.

The cross cutting system, transversal cut, is equipped with a linear blade working on the conveyor belt and the blade height is mechanically adjusted based on the material thickness.  The sheeted materials are collected on the outfeed conveyor belt.  When the machine is used for slitting only, the cross cutting system is disengaged, and an outboard winder (rewind), with tension electronically controlled, rewinds the slit rolls onto a 3” pneumatic expansion shaft with the speed controlled via a dancer roller.  The Siemens PLC & Touchscreen controls the pre-programmed meterage length, cross cut cycle on defined length, automatic start-stop of the cutting cycle along with the tension of the unwind and rewind.

The flexibility and strength of IMESA allows them to integrate standard slitting & guillotine cutting systems with special equipment engineered & manufactured on demand indicative of the customer’s unique production requirements. All of the IMESA machinery ranges are strictly compliant with the latest European CE safety requirements and the quality as well as the reliability is guaranteed by continuous tests to which they are subjected to at the end of each manufacturing process.