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Strip Cutter T Series

ANTARES Strip Cutter T Series Video

The strip cutters of the T Series from 500 to 1200 mm are able to cut different types of materials such as hides , leather , rubber and synthetic materials into strips .

They can make cuts starting from a minimum width of 2 mm up to a maximum of 1200 mm.

These machines are equipped with a friction motor , controlled by pedal which allows greater precision and practicality of work.

The Series consists of 4 models:
T500 / T650 / T900 / T1200.

The T900 and T1200 models, due to the length of the shafts, are equipped with additional supports on the blade shaft and counter blade to prevent bending.

Models Thickness Cut For cutting Cutting speed
T500 from 5mm to 12mm leather ≃ 20m/min
T650 from 5mm to 12mm leather ≃ 20m/min
T900 from 5mm to 12mm rubber ≃ 20m/min
T1200 from 5mm to 12mm synthetic materials ≃ 20m/min

Dimensions and weight

300C mm L920 / H1380 / D520 – Kg 220
650C mm L1100 / H1500 / D520 – Kg 410
900C mm L1400 / H1300 / D600 – Kg 450
1200C mm L1650 / H1300 / D520 – Kg 255


Motor HP 3 / kW 2.2