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Strip Cutter C Series

ANTARES Strip Cutter C Series Video

The C Series models are used to cut conveyor belts and flat belts, from pre-glued or vulcanized ring materials up to a maximum thickness of 12mm.

Due to their particular structure, having obtained a space between the head and the base, it is possible to perform multiple cuts up to the maximum width of the machine.

All models are equipped with an electronic speed variator that allows the operator to choose a suitable process.

The lowering between the blade and counter blade allows the precise and fast insertion of the material for cutting.

The Series consists of 4 models:
300C / 650C / 900C / 1200C

ModelsThickness CutFor cuttingCutting speed
from 5mm to 12mmflat belts
conveyor belts
≃ 20m / min

Dimensions and weight

300Cmm L920 / A1380 / P520 – Kg 220
650Cmm L1100 / A1500 / P520 – Kg 410
900Cmm L1400 / A1300 / P600 – Kg 450
1200Cmm L1650 / A1300 / P520 – Kg 255


MotorHP 3 / kW 2.2