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Multi-Blade Cutter TML Series

ANTARES Multi-Blade Cutter TML Series Video

This type of machines have been designed to section the already packaged sleeves into the desired width by changing the spacers between the blades to obtain transmission belts, whether they are flat or toothed, type MXL-XL-LH. The cut is made by inserting the ring on the support of the nylon counter blade.

These machines are equipped with a pedal-controlled inverter to adjust the rotation speed according to the processing needs.

Available models:
TML99/160 – TML99/420.


  • TML99/160:
    The counter blade is raised by means of a pneumatic cylinder.
  • TML99/420:
    The counter blade is fixed, while the blade shaft is raised and lowered with a pneumatic cylinder.
ModelsThickness CutFor cuttingCutting speed
Thanks to the different thicknesses and diameters of the blades, the thickness of the cut can varyflat belts
toothed belts
≃ 20m / min