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ATOM FlashCut

Knife Cutting Tables & Systems

ATOM Spa (Vigevano, IT), is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of digital CNC knife cutting tables and systems for the cutting of soft and semi-rigid materials.
The ATOM Flashcut modular cutting system represents the company’s capacity to capture the latest INNOVATIONS in the market – from footwear and leather goods to the various industrial fields like gaskets and composites – introducing TECHNOLOGY in its products to guarantee quality, reliability and performance. Seventy five years of HISTORY and more than 300,000 machines operating worldwide are universal bywords of reliability and unquestionable success for the ATOM brand. The internal technological division, ATOM ENGINEERING, – which includes the mechanical, electronic and software departments – is one of the key factors of ATOM success and is in charge of studying and developing new products following the requests of the market.
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The ATOM FlashCut Digital Cutting System is a complete line-up of oscillating knife cutting tables, available in several models with either a Static (S Series), Inclined (EASY Series) or Belt Fed (B Series) cutting surface, with one or two cutting heads, and useable cutting areas from 1000mm x 600mm up to 6.100mm x 2.600mm. The ATOM multi-functional cutting solution is a result of 75+ years’ experience in the cutting field, experience collected by following our customers and paying detailed attention to their feedback and actual cutting needs.

The introduction of the ATOM FlashCut Oscillating Knife Cutting Table into the design or production department allows for:

  • The elimination of the problems associated with the manufacturing, management and storing of cutting dies.
  • A significant increase in production flexibility.
  • A considerable reduction in the time required for the preparation of a prototype and the introduction of the finished product to the marketplace.
The FlashCut cutting system is the ideal solution for small and medium production runs for every company. Superior precision mechanical engineering, high speed cutting (80 Mts/Min) and punching speeds (220 / minute), the powerful yet easy to use control software , low running costs, high degree of safety and overall versatility make the FlashCut an extremely reliable production system for processing a wide variety of materials.



Footwear & Leather Goods

Industrial Fabrics & Technical Textiles


Interior Upholstery

Fashion & Apparel


Adhesive & Lami-nated Materials

Paper, corrugated & Printed Materials

Conveyor Belting Materials

Composite Materials



To Imagine the Future


It is Atom’s research laboratory, a real “factory on demand”, which develops technologies and experimental projects, to create a new way of producing. Atom Lab constantly supports customers in the development of systems for the innovation of projects and products to be offered on the market that guarantee competitiveness and efficiency.

The Technological Heart of ATOM

ATOM Engineering

It is the technical division of Atom, which studies the development of new products and new technologies to be introduced on the market, based on the specific needs of its reference markets. Atom Engineering thus follows the design and development of new machinery for industry, one of the most important success factors of Atom in the world.

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