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The Chiesa F1 EDI CNC Traveling Head Press, with 3 numerically controlled axes, incorporates an electrically servo driven cutting head without the use of hydraulics.

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This ‘GREEN’ technology reduces power consumption up to 50%, eliminates all the maintenance associated with hydraulic components, and improves overall accuracy, repeatability & production throughout. In addition, to improve overall productivity & material yields, the press is equipped with either a 4, 7 or 14 position automatic tool changing device which is attached to the side of machine.

Chiesa are considered the market leader for industrial die cutting applications – particularly for the abrasive, gasket & automotive sectors. The long experience gained in the automatic cutting industry through thousands of installations and the steady dialog with our customers helped in creating a reliable, safe, user friendly performing product.

These die cutting systems are extremely efficient. The robust structure and the quality of mechanical components allow cutting speeds beyond 100 punches per minute, with a precision of a few hundredth of a millimeter, which allows parts to be kept as close as possible, increasing the material savings & cutting belt life.

Modular Feeding Systems
The cutting power, up to 110 tons, is kept steady even for extremely long production runs allowing these machines to cut hard materials of high thickness, in single or multiple layers, and use multiple dies or dies with long blade development. There are a wide variety of modular feeding systems available for both roll & sheets in single and multiple layers including: