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Chiesa CNC Die Cutting Systems


Chiesa Artorige, the pioneers behind automatic CNC die cutting, and the innovators of the EDI servo driven automatic cutting press, has developed & patented a new technology utilizing matched metal (male/female) tooling for processing a variety of substrates in wide web formats.

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This unique die cutting solution offers die cutters & converters the ability to process their materials in the original wide web format eliminating the costly & time consuming step of slitting the material down to a narrow width roll or sheet thus increasing material utilization significantly.

The standard Chiesa F1 EDI CNC Die Cutting System structure and has been strengthened and designed to sustain a new moveable trolley with a “C” structure on the lower extremity of which the female die holder is installed.  The material indexing is provided by a “pinch & grab” system with two pincers; one that is moveable for material feeding and the second which is fixed to hold the material in place during the cutting operation.  During the indexing, the material slides on two metal plates placed on the front & back of the female die holder which can move freely between these two plates.  The die cut components fall onto a conveyor that transport them to the outside of the machine for efficient handling.

Match-metal die cutting is the process of cutting materials by passing the materials through the blades of a cutting die which is constructed of a top die and a bottom die and are matched (male/female) to provide an extremely precise cut. Match-metal die cutting is used in applications which require extreme precision and are designed to cut a wide range of thin substrates & specialty materials for medical, industrial, electronics, consumer care & other thin substrate die cutting applications.

Typical substrates and specialty materials that are die cut with matched metal dies include gasket materials, thin steel, technical textiles, nonwovens and composites, films (PP, PE, PET etc..), adhesive coated laminates & tapes, open & closed cell foams,

Benefits with matched metal (male/female) tooling:

  1. Extreme cutting accuracy – high tolerance capabilities
  2. Ideal for cutting complex geometries or small features
  3. Burr free cutting
  4. Elimination of the edge bending
  5. Clean cutting of very hard materials – engine head gaskets.

Chiesa are considered the market leader for industrial die cutting applications – particularly for the abrasive, automotive, gasket, electronic & medical sectors. The long experience gained in the automatic cutting industry through thousands of installations and the steady dialog with our customers helped in creating a reliable, safe, user friendly performing product.

These die cutting systems are extremely efficient. The robust structure and the quality of mechanical components allow cutting speeds beyond 100 punches per minute, with a precision of a few hundredth of a millimeter, which allows parts to be kept as close as possible, increasing the material savings & tooling life.

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