Advanced Nesting Software


These powerful automatic nesting systems have been specifically designed by Chiesa on the basis of the experience gained with hundreds of die cutting machines installed at customers from all industries exclusively by Manufacturers Supplies. Chiesa CNC die cutting systems can thus achieve the highest possible material savings, providing a full job control, accurate costing, and complete production scheduling.

To calculate the best material optimization it is possible to use both a DXF file and a pattern obtained via die digitization. A powerful nesting algorithm quickly & precisely calculates the best possible cutting layout using either a single shape or multiple shapes.

Once the best material optimization is obtained, the graphic image of the result is displayed on the systems touchscreen monitor along with the data relating to the cost of an individual piece or the entire run, the production time, the yield etc.. The cutting programs can be transferred to the press either manually (by drive) or automatically via serial connection.

Unrivalled Algorithms

The nesting software gives the best material utilization and the fastest cutting speeds available on today’s market. Ultimate job flexibility is achieved without the need to change your current production methods. All nesting features are completely automatic. You can nest any shape-regular or irregular, into sheets or rolls and sheets joined into rolls. You can nest a breakdown of different shapes, sizes and quantities in a single run-optimizing material utilization. Bias or diagonal cutting is a standard feature. Precise job costing and timings may be calculated instantly. In this way your material ordering and stock level can be tightly controlled and kept down to a minimum.

Die Digitization

It is possible to digitize quickly and easily the dies in order to have them ready for automatic nesting. The digitization solves any problem of die centering and positioning on the support plate. When nesting irregular shapes, a special die digitizer is used to transfer the cutting tool pattern into the computer memory in a few seconds with an accuracy of 0.1mm. The profiles of the cutting tools are memorized in the system and no further adjustments are required when nesting or cutting. Special constraints of directionality, coupling or cutting sequences can be specified by the operator. Just select with a mouse the tools and materials and then type the number of pieces you need to cut. The automatic nesting will automatically choose the best nest for your job in a matter of seconds. The work schedule is transferred to the machine and run with no further manual intervention. The operator just needs to start the program following the instructions on the screen.

ATOM Flashnest Advanced Nesting Software

For over 25 years, ATOM manufactured a complete range of CNC die cutting presses and systems with advanced, powerful nesting software packages tailored for specific markets & applications. When ATOM & CHIESA joined forces in 2012 to offer an even wider range of CNC traveling head presses, they teamed their software personnel to create a conversion software, INTELLI-CONVERTER, which will allow existing ATOM customer’s the ability to use their current layouts & shape files on their new CHIESA CNC Die Cutting Press and will also allow them to continue using the nesting software that they have grown accustomed to over the years.