Topside Coaters



Most gluing and coating machines apply adhesive to the bottom surface of parts, but the topside coating machine applies adhesive to the top surface. This feature allows glued parts to be handled by the dry surface, and makes the machine ideal for application to conveyorized gluing and coating lines.

The topside coater is designed with the coating roller and doctor roller arranged so that a pool of adhesive is trapped between them. The adhesive can flow lengthwise along the rolls to a collection point where it returns to an adhesive reservoir for recirculation to the rollers. Coating thickness is controlled by a dial adjustment of the gap between the rollers, allowing precise control of the adhesive coating.

The topside coater can be used for the application of water base adhesive, many types of latex cement, and ultraviolet cured adhesives and coatings. The machine can be equipped either with a dual feed roll system for thin parts, or with a single large diameter feed roll for thicker parts.

The feed roll position is adjustable for gluing of different part thicknesses, and drops away from the coating roller for machine cleanup. For cleanup, water is pumped up to the coating roller and doctor roller interface by a separate wash down pump, and wash down water is collected in a separate reservoir.

The feed rate of the topside coating machine is 100 feet per minute, but the coater can be equipped with an optional DC drive for coating at other speeds, or to match the machine speed to conveyorized feeds. The top side coating machine is available in 5 working widths: 15”, 26”, 38”, 50” and 60” and can be customized to meet a specific fabrication requirement.