SKTC 600 Longitudinal Slitting & Transversal Guillotine Cutting System

Guidolin Girotto SKTC Slitting & Transversal Cutting System

The Guidolin Girotto SKTC 600 Longitudinal Slitting & Transversal Guillotine Cutting System was developed to slit or kiss slit and transversal kiss cut or total cut web based materials in a single operation.  The machine can perform kiss cutting, total cutting, partial and total pieces and is completely programmable and automatic.  The new SKTC can be configured to laminate, change a liner (top and bottom), remove edge trim and rewind a variety of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes, acrylic foam tapes, laminated foams and textiles, films and similar materials.

The machine comes standard with a useful working width of 600mm and can slit and sheet materials up to 15mm in thickness with processing speeds up to 120 cycles per minute.  The transport conveyor system is equipped with two anti-adherent silicone rollers and is controlled by a servo step motor coupled with an incremental encoder for precise positioning tolerances (+/- 0.1mm).  The new automatic guillotine cutting machine comes standard with a 7” Color Touchscreen for the complete control of the machine and all its optional systems including recipe storage.

Main Operating Features

⦁ Lower Motorized Unwind w/ Photocell for the Automatic Unwinding of the Material
⦁ Motorized Longitudinal Slitting Station with Upper Pressure Rolls and Nanometers
⦁ Ultrasonic Sensor to Automatically Adjust Speed of Slitting Station
⦁ Dancer Roller to Keep Constant Tension on the Material
⦁ Upper Rewind for the Recovery of the Edge Trim
⦁ Motorized Conveyor Group Controlled by the PC
⦁ Transversal Cutting System (Kiss or Total Cut) with a Single Blade
⦁ Mechanical Blade Movement via Eccentric with Speed Adjustment from 30-120 Cycles per Minute
⦁ Exit Motorized Conveyor Belt to Collect Cut Pieces
⦁ Outboard Rewind to Recover the Kiss Cut Pieces
• Mitsubishi 7” Color Touchscreen for the Complete Control of the Machine


Guidolin Girotto – Synonymous for Precision Cutting & Converting Technologies.