Sheet Cementers – TL Series



Sheet Cementers are adhesive roll coating machines that are used to apply a thin layer of adhesive to large labels or printed sheets for mounting to corrugated, chipboard, or foam core board.

Schaefer sheet cementing machines have a large glue tank which serves as the adhesive reservoir. A tank roller dips into the adhesive and transfers it to the coating roller. The gap between these rolls is adjustable and precisely controls the amount of adhesive that is carried up on the coating roller. The adhesive is applied to the bottom surface of the part.

Sheet cementing machines are available with several different feed roller arrangements for application of adhesive to parts from paper thickness to 4″ thick, and are available in coating roller widths from 18″, 24”, 32”, 38” & 50″.

These machines can apply almost any type of water base adhesive – including latex cement. These machines can also be used for the application of U.V. cure adhesive. They are equipped with a low speed glue pickup roller which minimizes adhesive foaming.

Sheet cementing machines have stainless steel adhesive tanks, coating roller and feed rollers, and are designed for quick cleanup. The glue tank slides out of the machine and is covered to keep the adhesive from drying. A wash tank then is slid into the machine and the rolls cleaned with water. Cleanup can be done in about 5 minutes.

Sheet cementers are most commonly used to apply adhesive to printed sheets for the creation of attractive packaging as well as point of purchase display materials. They can also be used for poster and print mounting, photo mounting, and for glue application to materials such as chipboard, corrugated, plastics, foam, rubber and fabrics.