Guidolin Girotto RO 175

Rotary Die Cutting Machinery
Model RO 175



The Guidolin Girotto model RO 175 rotary die cutting machinery is the ideal rotary converting platform for converters of technical adhesives and double sided adhesive materials (3M, Tesa, Avery Dennison, Lohmann, Nitto, Scapa etc..), foam tapes, plastics, rubber, composite materials, felts & textiles, cork and similar products.   This die cutting & kiss cutting machine has a useful working width of 175mm and is available in three body lengths; 1.7M, 2.2M and 3.0M with operating speeds from 0-100 meters per minute.  The robust steel frame, modular stations with numerous configurations, and computer controlled system make the RO 175 rotary die cutter extremely flexible, fast & easy to use; guaranteeing quick changeover from job-to-job decreasing downtime, labor and overall production costs.

Every station on the RO175 is moveable and is fixed with a single bolt and aligned with a locating pin.  The stations can be moved or replaced with another station in a matter of minutes so converters can use this machine for multiple jobs in the same shift.  In addition, the machine can be purchased with limited options to fulfill current requirements and the modular stations can be added in the future as your business expands.  Due to the modular design, this high speed rotary converting system can be configured to laminate, add and remove liners (upper & lower) total cut, kiss cut (longitudinal or transversal), slit & sheet a wide range of materials suitable for numerous applications.

To keep things simple without sacrificing performance and overall accuracy, the machine is equipped with a brushless servo motor and coupled with an in-line drive shaft and precision worm gears in order to grant the same torque strength from zero to maximum working speed.  The Guidolin rotary die cutting machine can operate in both start/stop mode & continuous mode; in start/stop mode, the rotation of the tool, pneumatic expulsion unit or transversal guillotine occurs according to the desired quote set in the Touch-screen controller.

Our team of engineers reviews your application and requirements, listen to your needs, and respond to offer a more innovative die cutting & converting solution to improve your current manufacturing process.   Each machine is designed after a careful evaluation of the customer needs, the challenges of the material to be converted, therefore every machine produced is “made to order” for each client.

Modular Stations Provide Endless Versatility

  • Lamination
  • Liner Change Assembly
  • Sheeting (Guillotine Cutting)
  • Slitting
  • Scoring
  • Perforation
  • Island Placement – Servo Driven Conveyor Group
  • Pneumatic Knock-Out Stations (Start-Stop Mode)
  • Stacking Units

Wide Range of Die Cutting Capabilities

Mechanical Die Cutting : Our mechanical rotary die stations can be configured for multiple size tools, both in width and diameter, and custom stations can be designed to accept pre-existing tooling.  Micrometrical adjustment both transversally and longitudinally allow for precise positioning of the tool based on web location.  Reverse die cut stations are also available to cut material from the bottom – commonly used for creating a pull tab on adhesive and double sided adhesive materials.

Servo Motor Controlled Die Cutting : The precision of registration or re-registration on each die cut is based on our control system coupled with a servo motor at each station.  The die cut modules can be adjusted independently of each other, allowing the cut to be changed on the fly making precise cuts even for inconsistent fiducial registration marks.  Individual servo control at each module allows for precise tension control and a different speed ratio can be set at each station – an important factor in narrow wen converting.  Fiber optical photocells and sensors are used to register printed materials, printed references or pre-die cut components obtaining the required speed to register each part allowing continual feedback.

“Flying Knife” Sheeting & Perforation : The “flying knife” servo controlled sheeting & perforation unit rotates the tool faster in order to cut in the right position. In most cases, the tool is one transversal blade and it is used as a guillotine for transversal kiss cutting, total cutting or perforated cutting. Our “flying knife” module is different than a semi-rotary die cut station because normally our rotary machines are used to cut materials thicker than label stock, laminated adhesives where the liner has been changed prior to arriving at the die-cutting station.

Laser Die Cutting : Laser Die Cutting offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for processing simple and complex geometries without the use of traditional hard tooling – superior part quality that cannot be replicated in the traditional die cutting process.  This technology increases design flexibility, is cost efficient with high quality through-put, minimizes material waste with very low maintenance.  Laser Technology is the ideal dieless cutting solution for just-in-time manufacturing & short-medium runs and is well suited for converting high accuracy components from flexible materials including label stock & PSA, double sided adhesives, gaskets, plastics, textiles, difficult abrasive materials & even aggressive adhesive materials like VHB that typically adhere to the cutting blade.

High structural quality, accurate die cutting precision, silence, versatility and excellent relation between quality and price are the best representation of our rotary die cutting machines in the world.

Technical Specifications

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Modular Stations

The modular stations and available optional systems are listed below and can be arranged accordingly based on the application, now or at any point in the future.

  • Main Unwind with electronic brake controlled by an ultrasonic sensor
  • Automatic web tension control
  • Automatic web guide system with electronic control
  • One, two or three friction unwinds with lamination on the axes
  • Lamination group with silicone covered feed rolls & single – centered – adjustable hand wheel
  • Lower friction unwinds
  • Lower motorized rewinds
  • Motorized rewind with adjustable bar to remove the scrap
  • Die cutting station with transversal micrometric regulation
  • Die cutting station with longitudinal micrometric regulation
  • Die cutting station with servo registration
  • Reverse Die cutting station to cut from below
  • Pneumatic expulsion /knock-out system (start/stop mode)
  • Razor blade slitting unit
  • Scissor cut slitting unit (Bladed & Counter-blade)
  • Rotary pressure cut slitting unit
  • Transversal guillotine cutting system (to create predetermined sets)
  • Automatic stacking system
  • Trolley to store stations while not in use

Points of Strength

Modular Strengths                 

  • Every station is movable
  • Gears are worm gears for extra precision
  • Fixed locating pins allow for quick change station to station
  • Machine may be purchased with limited options to fill current needs and stations can be added as needed in the future
  • Off-line trolley to stock the modular stations while not in use.

Simplicity Strengths

  • Simple spring clutches, less electronics, less dials for operator adjustment & error
  • Single brushless servo motor coupled with an in-line drive shaft and precision worm gears in order to grant the same torque strength from zero to maximum working speed
  • Transport and Laminating stations have a single adjustment screw in the center, for easy closure allowing the path rollers to stay completely level – eliminating the wandering of the web – a common problem with dual adjustable transport rollers

Electronics & Software

  • Touch screen with the ability to save parameters for 500 jobs
  • Operate in both start/stop mode & continuous mode
  • Can count in distance or parts cut based upon number of teeth and cavities in the die for precise count of either parts or distance traveled
  • Although the desired speed can be saved for a job, the machine will not start until the speed control is set to zero to prevent crashing the web or injuring an operator.
  • Sonar to control the tension of the lower unwinds for sensitive materials when needed, controlled in touch screen PLC.
  • Automatic web guide system for the automatic alignment of the material with electronic edge guide to grant a constant & suitable alignment of the material with seperate electronic control device for set-up