Model K1 Hot Melt




Laminator machine for laminating flexible materials with melting unit for hot-melt glue. Thanks to this specially designed roller, the laminator machine can laminate materials by applying hot glue with a dedicated head/melting unit. This laminator machine can work continuously to guarantee the benefits and specific features of hot-melt glue applications. Therefore, fully automated devices are available, e.g. for cross cutting and for the input/output stations, which allow the laminator machine to work with non-stop applications.
The specific nature of these processes calls for a design customised to the customer applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Laminator with integrated hot-melt melting unit
  • Conveyor belt for material transportation
  • Electronically controlled speed up to 20 m/min.
  • Available for material widths from 1600 mm to 2100 mm


Customisable to customer specification with the following devices:

  • Slit shear system with razor or blade on blade system.
  • “Flying cut” cross-cutting system
  • Expanding air shafts (Ø 50-153mm 2-6”)
  • Liner Remover
  • Scraps removal device
  • Input systems using table, roller conveyor, conveyor belt or “pick and place” system
  • Material output using table, roller conveyor, conveyor belt or automatic “pick and place” system
  • External unwinders managed by PLC
  • Automatic alignment system through contactless sensors
  • Speed and tension control managed by PLC