Guidolin Girotto Knife Cutting System

Narrow Web Dieless Knife Cutting System


The GD FFC (Flexible Flash Cut) narrow web dieless cutting system is a complete narrow web converting platform coupling the ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table with Guidolin Girotto web handling equipment.  This concept allows converters of double sided tapes, masking tapes, foam tapes, protective foils and films, laminated textiles, EPDM, neoprene, plastics, vinyls, cork and similar products the convenience of kiss-cutting and/or total cutting in roll-roll form without the use of a rotary cutting tool or steel rule cutting die and is a cost-effective, flexible alternative to a traditional laser cutting system.

Versatility & Modular Design

Companies invest in our dieless cutting solutions to improve their productivity.  Productivity can be defined in a number of ways:  faster, lower cost of production, short production runs become viable, rapid changeovers, no investment in traditional hard tooling, samples & pre-production runs, materials savings and reduced scrap rate.  The versatility of the FFC dieless knife cutting system enables our clients to accept otherwise impossible orders – specifically in the 3M converter markets.  The ability to produce prototypes and samples rapidly, gain customer approval and then produce production quantities is a powerful tool in building customer relationships.

The cornerstone of all Guidolin Girotto products are the modular designs which offers extreme flexibility & rapid product changeover.   These modular components can include lamination, liner change assembly (change or add a liner), registration for pre-printed materials and in-line printing capabilities, scrap/matrix removal, part expulsion or stacking, transversal guillotine cutting to create sets, slitting, & rewinding.  To offer even more versatility, the FFC can be used as a stand-alone knife cutting table for cutting sheets or as a narrow web laminator by-passing the cutting area.

With the standard ATOM 5-Tool (multi-tool) cutting head installed, a variety of tooling combinations can be employed to process a diverse amount of materials.  The main cutting station can be fitted with either a micro-metric fixed drag knife for kiss-cutting thin films, laminates & adhesives, electric-oscillating knife for kiss-cutting VHB, laminated foams & textiles or the pneumatic oscillating knife chuck for cutting thicker foams, heavy rubber, non-asbestos and similar materials up to 25mm in thickness.  In addition, the 5-tool head has two ea. 20mm auxiliary stations which can be equipped with a 2nd kiss-cutting tool, creaser wheel, punching tool or a 45° angle knife.  A single plotting pen for part identification and pricker tool round out the group.  As an option, a camera can be fitted to automatically recognize the fiducial points on pre-printed materials and then cut around the desired pattern.

The possibility to add over-head digital projectors to visualize the cutting layout & assisted parts collection & the powerful yet easy to use control software with the cutting edge automatic + interactive nesting software are key components to the FFC points of strength, making it the ideal dieless cutting solution for a variety of industries processing diverse amounts of synthetic material.

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