IMESA K1 Easy Laminator



The IMESA K1 Easy Laminator is an economical entry level laminator for the lamination of heat-activated or cold bond adhesive to various foam materials, textiles, adhesive & non-adhesive tapes, rubber, cork and similar products. This Foam Laminator is engineered to achieve consistent results with minimal set up time whilst adopting a versatile approach to current and future requirements all at a very competitive level of investment.

The K1 will laminate self- adhesive paper to foam and other materials direct from the roll, either cold or with heating integrated into the calendaring nip rollers.

This machine is very simple to set and to operate with the following features incorporated as standard:

• Material unwind with mechanical brake – Maximum diameter of 1400mm
• Variable operating speeds from 0 – 20 meters per minute.
• Upper unwind for adhesive film with mechanical brake & 3” expansion shaft.
• Entrance table with adjustable inclination to avoid the “curling” effect.
• Upper & lower motorized silicone covered calendar rollers complete with heating device with adjustable temperature up to 80° Celsius
• Variable calendar spacing from 2-100MM with mechanical visualization
• Rewind station with electronic clutch and 3” pneumatic expansion shafts
• PLC Touchscreen to check the machines operating functions.
• Optional entrance & exit tables for sheet lamination.

An option package allows sheet fed material to also be processed ensuring complete versatility.
For customers needing to process materials where an adhesive transfer film is required on both sides, the model K1-DS can be selected.