Guidolin Girotto RO EL Series Laser Die Cutting System

Economical yet Highly Versatile Laser Cutting Solution



The Guidolin Girotto EL Series Digital Laser Die Cutting & Converting Platform offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for processing simple and complex geometries without the use of traditional hard tooling – superior part quality that cannot be replicated in the traditional die cutting process.  This technology increases design flexibility, is cost efficient with high quality out-put, minimizes material waste with very low maintenance.  The GD RO Galvanometer Laser Series combines die cutting rotary tools, modular stations and a CO2 laser cutting station to perform complex processing while maintaining high quality & precision – one converting platform with multiple solutions.

The RO EL Series is a cost-effective, entry level laser die cutting solution for processing a wide variety of materials including labels, adhesive tapes, double sided adhesives, VHB, textiles, paper, foam & rubber, silicone, PU, PE, PET, polycarbonates, polyethylene, polypropylene, abrasives and similar products.  With complete precision, our digital laser cutting system will cut your most commonly used materials all without costly dies or time-consuming handwork.

Unlike die cutting, there is minimal setup, so it is much faster for the operator & more cost-efficient for your manufacturing process.  The Guidolin Laser Cutting Technology generates a cutting path based on the computer generated file, using the same registration marks used in the printing process.  The completely digital process means higher quality, increased flexibility & precision – all at significantly lower costs.

The rigid electro-welded steel frame, modular stations with a variety of web-pass configurations, and computer controlled system make the RO EL laser die cutter versatile, fast & simple to operate; assuring rapid transition from job-to-job which decreases machine downtime, reduces labor and overall manufacturing costs. Due to the modular design with every station moveable, the machine can be set-up to run a wide variety of jobs in a given shift, making the RO EL the logical solution for numerous applications – a single machine with multiple solutions.

Our team of engineers reviews your application and requirements, listen to your needs, and respond to offer a more innovative die cutting & converting solution to improve your current manufacturing process.   Each machine is designed after a careful evaluation of the customer needs, the challenges of the material to be converted, therefore every machine produced is “made to order” for each client.

Modular Stations Provide Endless Versatility

  • Lamination
  • Automatic Web Guides
  • Matrix Removal
  • Liner Change Assembly (Top or Bottom)
  • Slitting (Razor, Scissor & Score Cut)
  • Perforation
  • Transversal & Longitudinal Mechanical Die Cut Stations
  • Reverse Die Cut Stations (Cut from the Bottom)
  • Pneumatic Knock-Out Stations (Start-Stop Mode)
  • Stacking Units

High structural quality, accurate cutting precision, silence, versatility and excellent relation between quality and price are the best representation of our Guidolin laser die cutting machines in the world.


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The main sectors for our machinery include the following: abrasives, automotive, aerospace, composites, electronics, gaskets, labels, medical, packaging, plastics, & self-adhesive tapes.

In the automotive sector, our customers are direct suppliers of: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda, Toyota and Volkswagon.  In the field of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes, we work on a global scale with converters of 3M, Tesa, Avery Dennison, Lohmann, Nitto Denko, Scapa and many others.

Our products are developed in close cooperation with our clients starting from the design stage, to reflect the specific needs of their requirements, to increase productivity and optimize material utilization and labor.


  •          Kiss-cut Discs/Sheets
  •          Micro-Perforated Discs



  •          Car emblems
  •          Protection
  •          Gaskets
  •          Self-adhesive tapes
  •          VHB



  •          Protection films
  •          Kapton
  •          Laminated foils
  •          Plastics
  •          Self-adhesive tapes
  •          Gaskets & Foam


Electronics Sector

  •          Protective gaskets
  •          Bonding circuits
  •          Surface protection films
  •          Phone screens
  •          Optical films
  •          Self-adhesive tapes



  •          Silicone Gaskets
  •          Rubber Gaskets
  •          Polyurethane Foam Gaskets
  •          Mylar Gaskets
  •          Nomex/TNT Gaskets
  •          Textile & Non-Textile
  •          Velcro



  •          Neutral Labels
  •          Printed Labels
  •          Special Labels
  •          Stickers
  •          Bar Codes


Medical Sector

  •          Orthopedic parts
  •          Velcro
  •          Felt, TNT & textile
  •          Non-woven textile
  •          Polyurethane Foams
  •          Self-adhesive tapes
  •          Blood-strips
  •          Corn Pads


  •          Acrylic
  •          ABS
  •          Laminated Plastics
  •          Mylar
  •          Film
  •          Polycarbonate
  •          Polypropylene
  •          Nylon


Self-Adhesive Tapes

  •          Double Sided Tapes
  •          Transfer Tapes
  •          Masking Tapes
  •          Converters of 3M, Tesa, Nitto Denko, Lohmann, Avery Dennison