Guidolin Girotto RO 350 Digital Laser Die Cutting & Converting System

High Production Laser Converting Solution



The RO 350 series Digital Laser Die Cutting & Converting System offers the most flexibility and production through-put for materials up to 350mm in width.  Depending on the application, the RO 350 can reach speeds up to 100 meters per minute and the standard 350W RF “Self-Refilling” laser source is a highly-efficient CO2 laser ideal for applications on adhesives & double sided adhesives, plastics, graphics, overlays, labels, abrasives, cork, foams, neoprene, fabrics & technical textiles and similar materials.  The laser beam is concentrated on a very small spot (0.05-0.21mm) and exerts zero pressure on the component allowing the material to keep its original shape.

Guidolin integrates advanced laser technology with reliable equipment offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for web-based laser cutting, scoring, marking-engraving, slitting, micro-perforation and kiss cutting.

The Guidolin RO series digital laser cutting systems are rapidly reconfigured for changing job requirements and are the ideal match for short run jobs in all sizes and materials. The control system operates in a user-friendly Windows® environment and you can manage all the parameters of the laser station, optimize layout for maximum web speed and yields, control laser beam for defect-free cutting, convert graphic files to be cut & reload jobs & all parameters in seconds. As a result, changeovers are as simple as opening a file without the need or costs of tooling!  The special photocell allows precision cutting of improperly positioned materials with cut-print registration & the encoder controls the exact feeding, speed and positioning of the material.  This makes short-runs, prototypes and run-offs extremely profitable and eliminates the set-up costs associated for larger jobs.

Laser Source – RF Self-Refilling Technology

 The RF Self-Refilling laser source is special. It’s a highly-efficient RF CO2 laser source ideal for applications on adhesives, plastics, graphics, overlays, labels and similar materials. But, unlike traditional RF laser sources, the RF Self-Refilling doesn’t need any factory servicing. Thanks to its hand-sized gas cartridge, you can refill it on your own, twice a year, and at very low costs. The result? No idle time due to factory servicing and consistent beam quality parameters over years! The power output of this CO2 laser source will be stable in the long term. That’s not all. This great device makes you save resources: 25% more efficient in electrical/optical conversion than competitor’s and available in multiple power configurations, ranging from 350W to 850W.

The cornerstone of all Guidolin Girotto products are the modular designs which offers extreme flexibility & rapid product changeover.  Keeping this in mind, the RO Laser die cutting system was designed so it can be adapted to the standard Rotary Die Cutting Machine solid steel structure so one system can be used to not only process very difficult materials & geometries but also the traditional materials commonly converted on a rotary machine – or when the product reaches the market and laser cutting is no longer the logical solution for high production runs.

Single Converting Platform – Wide Range of Cutting & Converting Capabilities


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The main sectors for our machinery include the following: abrasives, automotive, aerospace, composites, electronics, gaskets, labels, medical, packaging, plastics, & self-adhesive tapes.

In the automotive sector, our customers are direct suppliers of: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda, Toyota and Volkswagon.  In the field of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes, we work on a global scale with converters of 3MTesaAvery DennisonLohmannNitto Denko, Scapa and many others.

Our products are developed in close cooperation with our clients starting from the design stage, to reflect the specific needs of their requirements, to increase productivity and optimize material utilization and labor.


  •          Kiss-cut Discs/Sheets
  •          Micro-Perforated Discs



  •          Car emblems
  •          Protection
  •          Gaskets
  •          Self-adhesive tapes
  •          VHB



  •          Protection films
  •          Kapton
  •          Laminated foils
  •          Plastics
  •          Self-adhesive tapes
  •          Gaskets & Foam


Electronics Sector

  •          Protective gaskets
  •          Bonding circuits
  •          Surface protection films
  •          Phone screens
  •          Optical films
  •          Self-adhesive tapes



  •          Silicone Gaskets
  •          Rubber Gaskets
  •          Polyurethane Foam Gaskets
  •          Mylar Gaskets
  •          Nomex/TNT Gaskets
  •          Textile & Non-Textile
  •          Velcro



  •          Neutral Labels
  •          Printed Labels
  •          Special Labels
  •          Stickers
  •          Bar Codes


Medical Sector

  •          Orthopedic parts
  •          Velcro
  •          Felt, TNT & textile
  •          Non-woven textile
  •          Polyurethane Foams
  •          Self-adhesive tapes
  •          Blood-strips
  •          Corn Pads


  •          Acrylic
  •          ABS
  •          Laminated Plastics
  •          Mylar
  •          Film
  •          Polycarbonate
  •          Polypropylene
  •          Nylon


Self-Adhesive Tapes

  •          Double Sided Tapes
  •          Transfer Tapes
  •          Masking Tapes
  •          Converters of 3M, Tesa, Nitto Denko, Lohmann, Avery Dennison