Guidolin Girotto RO 250 Digital Laser Die Cutting & Converting System

Versatile Laser Die Cutting Solutions


The Guidolin RO 250 series represents the new frontier in digital laser converting: versatility, performance, waste minimization, the possibility to save all parameters for a quick re-call, and low power consumption.

Demand for customization and on-demand solutions is driving the worldwide converting market.

This transformation has led Guidolin Girotto to provide something extra in terms of competitiveness, production quality, customer service, especially in terms of original solutions compared to what has been available on the market for years.

The Guidolin RO 250 Digital Laser Die Cutting & Converting System is engineered and designed for multiple applications offering increased versatility for different materials; simple or complex. The system interchangeability is the distinctive trademark of the Guidolin converting platform and this unique design feature allows new systems to be installed on the machine without modifying the original set-up.

The modular stations available include a variety of inboard unwinds (friction or ultra-sonic sensor for tension adjustment), lamination group with conveyor rolls, lower & upper friction unwinds and motorized rewinds (liner change assembly), cutting die stations with transversal & longitudinal micrometrical regulation, servo registration die cut stations, reverse die cutting stations to cut from the bottom, pneumatic knock-out devices (start-stop mode), longitudinal slitting with fixed razor blades, circular blades/counter-blades, or pressure rotary blades, automatic stacking units, and transversal guillotine cutting to create sets.

Laser Source – Sealed CO2 Technology

CO2 lasers deliver the industry’s most cost effective combination of high power with near perfect beam quality, in a compact integrated package designed for the most rugged industrial environments.

Since pioneering the sealed CO2 industrial laser and shipping over 100,000 lasers worldwide, our supplier now continues its tradition of innovation and customer focus by introducing the newest members in our suite of laser solutions, with output ranges from 100 to 400 watts, our lasers excel in today’s most challenging materials processing applications.

Why Consider Laser Cutting over Traditional Die Cutting?

Guidolin Girotto has been integrating lasers into their rotary converting platforms for over 10 years and understands the significant advantages of converting with this innovative tool and we’ve seen our customers thrive on the increased capabilities it offers. Now it’s time for you to consider using laser die cutting and giving your company an edge over the competition

There are a number of reasons to consider laser die cutting as tool in your converting process.  There are almost no limitations to the cutting path of the laser as the focal point can move in any direction and the spot of the beam is 0.21mm in diameter.  Very complex designs can be performed without expensive hard tooling costs or long lead times & small diameter holes or micro-perforations can easily & quickly be cut with a laser.  The process is a non-contact, allowing very fragile parts with little or no support and the components keep their original shape from start to finish.  Laser die cutting can be performed at very high rates of speed, allow you to cut a wide range of materials & produce a high quality finish without a secondary process.  In summary, Laser Die Cutting is extremely cost effective process with very low operating & maintenance costs & provides maximum flexibility.