Guidolin P1 Series Plotter Laser Cutting System

Flat Bed Die Cutting Solutions with Plotter Style Laser


Guidolin P1 Series Plotter Laser Cutting System

The new P1 Plotter Laser Cutting System has been studied and developed for technical converting of 3M, Avery Dennison, Lohmann, NITTO and Tesa double sided adhesive materials.  The machine is completely automatic and can be equipped with a variety of optional systems to laminate, change liners in different positions, kiss cutting and total cutting process, removal of external and internal waste, longitudinally kiss-slit or total slit, transversally cut to create sets, or rewind in single or multiple rolls.

The laser cutting area is 600mm x 1200mm and the maximum web width is 600mm.  The vertical plotter laser system can have 100 or 200 watts of power as standard and other powers are available upon request.  The laser beam, which is perpendicular to the material, can cut even higher thicknesses than a galvanometric system (the thickness depends on the kind of material and on the laser power).  The Guidolin P1 has been designed to cut complex shapes with complex materials, with different thicknesses and different dimensions (especially for electronics and automotive business, but also for other business sectors which require flexibility).

This technology allows our customers to cut large and complex shapes in continuous or from roll to roll, roll to set, and also in limited quantities.  Converters frequently run into big companies asking for cut samples, together with the estimated costs, with very precise requests concerning step and lamination.

The set-up of the machine is quite simple, like every Guidolin cutting machine, assuring a continuous optimal productivity and high-quality process.

The plotter laser is managed by a dedicated software where the files of the shapes to be cut can be imported.

According to the software, each file can be connected up to n.8 different colors and each of them has a precise cutting power and cutting speed.

Moreover, according to the material features and to its thickness, it is possible to make more than one (up to n.3) passage (cut) on the same shape.

The GD P1 Laser cutting system can satisfy specific production requirements:

  • It can cut narrow and long shapes (in several business sectors, mainly automotive and electronics)
  • It cuts complex shapes which can’t be realized using a cutting tool
  • It is recommended for little holes – micro-holes
  • It can be used to make prototypes.

GD P1 is a versatile cutting line, because it can work in continuous using the various systems it is equipped with, but it is also possible to use the plotter laser alone to cut single shapes from pre-cut sheets.

Guidolin Girotto – Plotter laser for 3M, Avery Dennison, Lohmann, Nitto, Tesa double sides materials – YouTube