Guidolin Girotto PLAS Series

Flat Bed Die Cutting Solutions with Plotter Style Laser


The new PLAS Series is an innovative technology which combines laser cutting strategies with flat-bed die cutting solutions.  The GD PLAS has been designed to cut complex shapes with complex materials, with different thicknesses; particularly for the electronics and automotive sectors that require high flexibility. This new cutting & converting system consists of a Flat Bed Die Cutting Press, with various material handling solutions employed, coupled with an X-Y Plotter Style Laser Cutting System.

The die cutting machine can be equipped with all the traditional systems typical of a Guidolin Flat Bed Press including lamination, liner change assembly, waste removal, ejection of cut parts, change of liner after the die cutting, cut to a set with a guillotine, longitudinal slitting & material rewinding in rolls.  This solution can easily produce, with high precision, total cutting, kiss-cutting or a combination of both.

Flat Bed die cutting technology guarantees high precision and productivity, but the shape dimensions are bound to the cutting platen, which have limited sizes (320mm x 320mm, 400mm x 400mm, 500mm x 500mm & 600mm x 600mm).  The laser plotter system has been introduced in-line with the flat bed press (Guidolin Patent) to overcome these limitations.  It offers bigger cutting areas (in length), in respect of the standard dimensions on a flatbed style cutting press.  The material width on the plotter laser would be the same as the press, but the length can be 1000mm to 1500mm in the feeding direction – other dimensions available on request.

The laser beam, which is perpendicular to the material, and controlled by a series of mirrors, can cut even higher thicknesses than a galvanometric system.  The Y axe or the gantry combined with the X axe of the servo driven carriage allows the laser beam to follow any cutting path similar to a CNC knife cutting system.  The CAD drawing or graphic design of the particular component is loaded into the machines control software.  The control software directs the x-y axes motion of the laser beam to accurately cut the part.

The flat-bed plotter laser is managed by dedicated control software where the files of the shapes are imported to be cut.  According to the software, each shape file can be connected with up to 8 different colors (lines) and each particular path has a precise cutting power and speed.  In addition, according to the material features and thickness, it is possible to make multiple passes-cuts (up to 3) on the same shape.

GD PLAS is a versatile cutting & converting line, because it can work in continuous using the various systems installed, but it is also possible to use the plotter laser alone for cutting single shapes or the die cutting unit alone if the laser is not needed for the specific application.  The laser unit is assembled on guides, and can be temporarily moved, if the production only requires die cutting, and its place, optional systems like the expulsion unit or rotary slitting can be installed.

GD PLAS is a combination of winning technology, which besides ensuring high cutting precision, guarantees productivity and & flexibility in terms of thickness, dimensions and complexity.