Guidolin Girotto GD 301D

Narrow Web Flat-Bed Die-Kiss Cutting Press
Model GD 301D


The Guidolin Girotto narrow web flat-bed die-kiss cutting press, model GD 301D, is the ideal automated converting system for converters of pressure sensitive adhesive and double sided adhesives, foams & laminated foams (open & closed cell), converters in the transportation industry (internal gaskets & car emblems), manufacturers of electronic & medical devices, plastics etc..  The 301D high speed kiss cutting machine develops 10 mechanical tons of cutting force, has a cutting platen of 320mm x 320mm, a fixed stroke of 40mm, with speeds ranging from 30-150 strokes per minute.

The traditional architecture and features that qualify the Guidolin product worldwide are employed; robust frame structure, mechanical fly-wheel operation (which eliminates the problems associated with PRECO style 4-post hydraulically operated cutting presses), single cylinder positive stop adjustment for precise cutting accuracy (+/- .01mm), quick die change, ease of use, and modular design.

High structural quality, accurate die cutting precision, silence, power and excellent relation between quality and price are the best representation of our die cutting machines in the world.