ATOM Dieless Knife Cutting Tables
FlashCut FLEX ‘S’ Series


The ATOM Dieless Knife Cutting Table, FlashCut FLEX S Series, is equipped with a static working surface and represents the optimal dieless cutting solution for all the traditional gasket materials including; steel inserted graphite, non-asbestos up to 6mm, rubber & it’s by-products, dense foams, glass filled teflons, pure Teflon, mylar, nomex, felts, fabrics, plastics and similar semi-rigid materials.  Robustness of structure, reliability and precision are the main features of the S line allowing the system to operate 3 shifts per day cutting the most difficult materials.

ATOM FlashCut ‘S’ Line Revolutionizes the Gasket Cutting Industry

  • Increases Yields
    • Better yield increases profit and reduces waste
    • Automatic nesting through integrated software – nest shapes within shapes
    • Centers, remnants and wads do not need to be stored
    • Material does not have to be blocked or stripped
    • Parts can be placed closer together due to no ejection in cutting die or gang die
  • Eliminates Cutting Dies
    • No waiting for dies to be built
    • No dies needed for new business
    • No dies needed for design change or samples
    • No dies to be stored or repaired
  • Decreases Labor Costs
    • Eliminate hand cutting – creates simple flanges @ user interface
    • Eliminate additional steps such as blocking or stripping material
    • When cutting full sheets, the operator is free to do other tasks
    • Machine can run unattended
    • One operator can run multiple machines at one time
  • More Versatile than Other Cutting Methods
    • Unlike traditional die cutting, a knife cutting table does not require cutting dies – zero concavity
    • Unlike water jet cutting, knife cut parts do not get wet & the cut quality is better on most materials
    • Unlike laser cutting, a knife table requires no gases and does not produce odor or toxic fumes

The multi-tool cutting head increases the overall versatility of the ATOM FlashCut and is one of the key factor of its success – the ability to total cut, score cut (partial depth cut) & kiss cut with one knife chuck, two drilling stations utilizing rotating punches for precise small diameter holes, a marking pen to apply part #’s and trademarks and a 3rd non-rotating punch station that can be used on light-weight materials.  In addition, the powerful 11kW vacuum pump coupled with 50 (3015 S Model) independent inverter controlled vacuum sectors increase the material “hold down” preventing material movement and eliminating the sacrificial sealing of the material (or open area) commonly seen on most knife cutting tables.  Available options include an overhead projection system to better utilize remnants and piece code identification and the lubrication device to additionally aid in the cutting of heavy sheet rubber up to 1” in thickness.

Point of Strength

Flashcut Points of Strength

  • Robustness of Structure & High Planarity: The machine framework is extremely solid, indigent to an ATOM cutting system.  The precision in the manufacturing of the cutting plane ensures a perfect parallelism between the material and the cutting head, granting a homogeneous cutting precision on the whole surface.
  • Smart Partitioned Zoned Vacuum System: The Flashcut cutting surface is divided into different sectors, each 12” x 12”, which can be independently activated.  Concentrating the cutting power where needed allowing for increased cutting speeds without affecting the cut quality and precision.
  • Powerful & Versatile Cutting Head: The multi-tool cutting head consists of five stations.  The main 40mm cutting tool station accepts a variety of knife chucks; fixed knife chuck, electric oscillating knife chuck, pneumatic knife chuck, pneumatic milling chuck or powered rotary cutter.  Two auxiliary stations are included to accept punch holders / drills, creasing tools, kiss-cut chucks, & 45° angle knife chucks.  A single plotting pen and pricker tool round out the group.  With this versatile cutting head, the Flashcut now becomes a multi-functional production system.
  • Automatic & Interactive Nesting Software: Nesting software is surely a key factor of the ATOM dieless cutting solution. Actually, it completes the cutting system optimizing material yields & dramatically reducing the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed. Since this is a crucial feature to any dieless cutting system, ATOM developed a series of software packages each capable of nesting shapes for a variety of market sectors.  The software used on all ATOM cutting systems is engineered by STRING, a software house partnered with ATOM for over 10 years.
  • Advanced yet Simple to Use Control Software: ATOM knife cutting tables are powered by advanced and reliable control software managing any operation using a simple menu designed to operate quickly and simplify operator training.
  • Two Independent Working Areas: While the machine is cutting on one ½ of the table, the operator can collect the cut pieces, prepare the next material and layout on the other ½ of the table for unbeatable performance and continuous production.
  • High Brightness Overhead Projection System: The overhead projectors allow for a clear visualization of parts and commands on all materials. This allows the cutting operation to be faster and more accurate. Gasket fabricators enjoy the flexibility of the projectors because now they can cut any remnant or scrap, no matter how irregular the shape, by manually placing parts within the area.
  • Advanced Safety Systems: All of the ATOM Flashcut dieless knife cutting tables and systems are equipped with state-of-the-art advanced safety systems which are in full compliance with European CE and OSHA Safety Standards.

Insutries Served

Aerospace – Honeycomb, foam, carbon fiber, Kevlar, graphite, plastics, laminates…..

Automotive – Leather, sound dampening foams, upholstery materials, glass fibers, plastics, gaskets…..

Composites – Kevlar, carbon fibers, glass fibers, pre-preg, breather, films…..

Converting – Adhesives, foam & rubber, gaskets,

Fashion & Apparel – Leather, wool, cotton, silk, denim, foam, polyester, canvas……

Footwear – Leather, textiles, counters, box toe materials, foams….

Furniture & Upholstery – Leather, fiberfill, foam, plastic, cardboard, woven materials…..

Gaskets – 6mm non-asbestos, tang graphite, cork, rubber, foam, fish paper, plastics….

Leather Goods – leather, synthetic textiles….

Packaging & Foam – Corrugated, PU, PE, PP, styrene, laminated foam, convoluted foam….

Technical Textiles – Kevlar, micro-fibers, Goretex, Velcro, PVC, vinyl…….

Other Cutting Methods

Unlike Other Cutting Methods

  • Unlike Die Cutting Presses
    • A knife table requires no cutting dies
    • A knife table can produce parts with very small wall thickness
    • A knife table allows closer spacing of nested parts
    • A knife table cuts materials that do not traditionally die cut or hand cut well
    • No concavity of the finished component
  • Unlike Water Jet Cutting Systems
    • Knife cut parts do not get wet (avoid 24 hour dry time – package parts immediately)
    • Knife cut parts can have a partial depth cut or kiss cut
    • Knife cut parts generally have a better cut quality at production speeds on many materials
    • Knife cut parts do not de-laminate – no adhesive contamination on laminated materials
    • A knife table vacuum allows for thin, lightweight and small parts to be cut without the possibility of movement
    • Does not require a maintenance department to keep them calibrated and operating properly
    • Daily operating costs on a knife cutting table are significantly less
  • Unlike Laser Cutting Systems
    • A knife table has requires no gases to be purchased or stored
    • A knife table produces no odor or toxic fumes when cutting
    • A knife table will not burn the edge of the material
    • Daily operating costs on a knife cutting table are significantly less

Technical Specifications

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