ATOM High Production Automated Cutting Systems
Flashcut FLEX ‘2H’ Series

The ATOM FlashCut High Production Knife Cutting Systems, FLEX 2H Series, is a new dieless cutting technology combining flexibility and output.  ATOM knife cutting tables have a reputation as one of the fastest machines on today’s market.  However, we realize the market is always looking for a more versatile & productive system.  Therefore, we designed a cutting system with two independent multi-tool cutting heads available as a static bed for sheets or equipped with a transport cutting belt for processing materials in rolls.

The FLEX 2H Series boasts the same features & improvements in technology as the traditional FLEX Series.  The solid steel rack and pinion system in place of a cogged belt increase the precision and operating speeds of the machine while the two pre-charged linear guide rails and enlarged beam adds to the robustness of the system.  The new cutting surface with a higher degree of planarity coupled with the unique ‘smart’ partitioned zoned vacuum system add even more suction power improving cut quality and overall accuracy.  With the option to add an overhead camera system for material contour recognition, projectors to visualize the cutting layout for assisted parts collection, the modular multi-tool cutting heads and the powerful yet simple to use production control software make the FlashCut “FLEX 2H” an efficient, versatile, powerful & highly productive CNC digital cutting system.

Engineered and designed to cut the hardest materials used in the petro-chemical, automotive, aerospace, composites & technical textiles, & packaging industries like compressed non asbestos, 1-2 layer steel inserted graphite, dense rubber, cross linked polyethylene foam, Kevlar, plastics, and many more.  Since ATOM develops its technology in close collaboration with its clients, today it is able to offer the most advanced and most applicable cutting solution on the market – the new FlashCut ‘FLEX 2H’.