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Flashcut ‘TWINS’ Series


The new ATOM FlashCut TWINS Series Automated CNC Digital Cutting Systems are equipped with a modular tool head and two independent vertical axes slots which allows for sequential working, matching a wide range of cutting, creasing, marking & punching processes. It is possible to perform different jobs using the most suitable tool for every specific requirement on the same shape. In the same cutting session it is also possible to use the ink-jet printer & the camera system to acquire the cutting fiducial reference points.

Developed primarily with the aerospace & composites industries in mind, the ATOM FlashCut TWINS Dieless Cutting Tables perfectly match the most innovative automated solutions to process composite materials. The robust structure, & the state-of-the-art electronics allowed ATOM to develop a modular cutting head capable of processing material up to 2″ (50mm) in thickness, with two main tools and optional devices such as a high-resolution ink-jet printer for piece coding and the edge hardener-sprayer for the shape contour to ease in the picking & handling of cut parts. The new ULTRASONIC Chuck for an accurate & precision cut of pre-preg fabrics, the PRC chuck for cutting aramid fibers (Kevlar), dry textile & glass fibers, and specific tools for cutting foam & honeycomb panels.

The ATOM ultrasonic cutting system have the versatility to cut multi-ply layers in excess of ½” in thickness to precision depth control of single layer materials or for high-speed “kiss-cutting” applications. Because of their superior design, ATOM ultrasonic cutting tables cut faster, more accurately and with better edge quality than any other technology available on the market.

TWINS Modular Devices – To Double Performance & Versatility

High Resolution Ink-Jet Printer
Because of new legal requirements, increasingly higher demands for product safety (e.g. protection against product counterfeiting), or simply branding every piece cut in your factory, the number of necessary product markings and their complexity are continuously increasing. This frequently requires systems which are directly integrated in the production line or production machine. The high resolution ink jet printer used on all TWINS models utilizes thermal ink jet technology that is used & trusted by millions of users. The robust stainless steel housing, intuitive operation & well-conceived print head design makes this coding & marking system suitable for unlimited industrial applications. The use of cartridges cut maintenance costs and allows to quickly change both colors and ink-type unlike bulk systems which require extensive maintenance and cleaning when changing ink-types or colors.

Edge Hardener – Spray Stiffener
With the composite industry as the primary focus, particularly companies that process carbon fibers or loosely woven dry technical textile materials, ATOM developed a spraying device mounted to the TWINS modular tool head to dispense a small amount of an adhesive concentrate to the perimeter of the part or layout prior to cutting. This “edge hardener” when applied creates a rigid surface which after cutting allows for the ease of picking cut components from the web.

Tufting Tool Module
Tufting is a type of textile weaving in which is thread is inserted by a needle sewing the top layer of material to the layers underneath. It is an ancient technique for making warm garments, especially mittens. After the knitting is completed, short U-shaped loops of extra thread are introduced through the fabric from the outside. ATOM developed this “ancient” technique to aid in the cutting and handling of multi-layer materials, particularly carbon fiber, in the production process. The tufting module fits into the standard 40mm tool station, so the process of tufting and cutting work sequentially.

Camera Acquisition
Digital camera, equipped with LED illuminator mounted to the TWINS tool head, accurately acquires the fiducial reference points based on the layout of the images printed on the material, and cuts accordingly.

Material Handling – Feeding Systems

Optional loading & off-loading tables, self-centering cradle unwind systems for elastic materials, multiple material unwinds with expandable shafts & precise tensioning controls, and automatic spreading tables for textile materials, increase the overall versatility and productivity of the ATOM FlashCut TWINS Series CNC Automated Cutting Systems.

Point of Strength

“Smart” Partitioned Vacuum System

Powerful, partitioned, adjustable vacuum system adaptable to any kind of material or application and concentrated where needed on the cutting surface. It allows optimal fixing during the working process and the highest energy savings at the same time.

High Brightness Projection System

High brightness overhead projectors assure clear visualization of any material or color in any environment. Using LED lamps, they grant high brightness, stability in power projection, low maintenance and long life. Excellent performance on irregular shaped materials for exact piece placement & nesting layout confirmation.

Reference Points Acquisition through Camera

The new digital camera equipped with LED illuminator allows to automatically and accurately place the shapes and the cutting layout with reference to the images/fiducial points printed on the materials. It covers a wide acquisition area, thus recognizing the reference points even when they are not perfectly located.

Optimized Nesting Strategies

Customized systems for automatic nesting & user friendly interface dramatically reduce the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed and optimize the material yield.

Feeding Systems

The new Flashcut TWINS models can be integrated with optional devices to improve the feeding operations; loading of the materials to be cut and the off-loading of the cut pieces. Among these devices are the in-line & off-line loading & unloading tables, self-centering unwind systems with expandable shafts & multi-roll capacity, automatic sheet loaders & automatic spreading tables which are ideal when cutting textiles in multiple layers.

High-Resolution Inkjet Printer

A high resolution inkjet printer is available for all TWINS models. The robust stainless steel support and the functional design of the print heads make this coding & marking system suitable for the greatest number of industrial applications. The use of cartridges cut maintenance costs and allows quickly changing both colors and inking type.

Static or Conveyorized Belt Feed Cutting Surface

The TWINS models are available with a static or conveyorized belt feed cutting surface. In the latter case, the material feeding is carried out by the combined action of the belt and a pincer system mounted on the gantry. This grants maximum feeding accuracy of both rigid and elastic materials, in single and multiple layers. The feeding and cutting accuracy allow to cut shapes longer than the cutting surface in several windows.


Patented laser scanner safety system granting the operator maximum confidence even when working while the machine is in motion; for example when picking the cut pieces on two-station tables.

Technical Specifications

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