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Flashcut ‘TWINS – EMH’ Series



The ATOM Flashcut TWINS EMH (Electric Milling Head) Series CNC Knife Cutting & Milling Systems allows to sequentially or separately using the cutting knife & the router. It is the ideal dieless solution to combine the process of foam or rigid materials as well a vast number of other materials with a single tool. The combination of knife cutting & milling in a single machine allows a company to rapidly increase time to market, eliminate the costly steps in the manufacturing process including cutting dies, lamination & assembly, reduce labor costs (machine can run unattended), and gain new business by producing samples and prototypes within minutes.

The double Z-Axis head provides independent penetration control of both tools which allows the working of 3D shapes of any density foams (Expanded PE, PU etc.) or very hard materials like rubber, plastics, wood, composites even light alloys with extreme accuracy.  In order to mill a wider range of materials, ATOM designed a new head, equipped with either a 1kW or 2.4kW electric router spindle, with variable speed turning from 1,000-40,000 RPM.  An integrated air cooling system allows the mill to operate 24 hours per day.  The working area is kept perfectly cleaned with its own internal dust extraction system.

Advanced nesting software packages maximize yields and significantly reduce expensive material waste.  Engineered and designed to cut the hardest materials like compressed non asbestos, steel inserted graphite, hard rubber, cross-linked PE foams, Kevlar & carbon fiber, plastics, and many more. Materials widely used in the automotive, aerospace, composite, electronics, medical, petro-chemical, & packaging industries.

The new safety device, standard on all TWINS EMH series, is designed with two laser scanning units positioned at both ends of the moveable gantry.  The laser ray covers the area around the cutting head and the dimensions of these areas of intervention can be defined accordingly.

The green area is considered “low danger” and when entered, the machine slows down the operating speed and returns to normal condition once the operator exits this area.  The orange area is considered “medium danger” and when the operator enters this area, the machine will be placed in a “hold” position until the operator exits this area.  The red area, closest to the moving beam, is considered “high danger” therefore once the operator enters this area the machine stops completely and cuts the main power to the motor (similar to an emergency stop button).

The ATOM Flashcut TWINS EMH Series is available in several configurations with either a static or conveyorized (belt feed) cutting surface capable of processing materials up to 50mm in thickness – cutting solutions for combined jobs.

Point of Strength

“Smart” Partitioned Vacuum System

Powerful, partitioned, adjustable vacuum system adaptable to any kind of material or application and concentrated where needed on the cutting surface. It allows optimal fixing during the working process and the highest energy savings at the same time.

High Brightness Projection System

High brightness overhead projectors assure clear visualization of any material or color in any environment. Using LED lamps, they grant high brightness, stability in power projection, low maintenance and long life. Excellent performance on irregular shaped materials for exact piece placement & nesting layout confirmation.

Reference Points Acquisition through Camera

The new digital camera equipped with LED illuminator allows to automatically and accurately place the shapes and the cutting layout with reference to the images/fiducial points printed on the materials. It covers a wide acquisition area, thus recognizing the reference points even when they are not perfectly located.

Optimized Nesting Strategies

Customized systems for automatic nesting & user friendly interface dramatically reduce the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed and optimize the material yield.

Feeding Systems

The new Flashcut TWINS models can be integrated with optional devices to improve the feeding operations; loading of the materials to be cut and the off-loading of the cut pieces. Among these devices are the in-line & off-line loading & unloading tables, self-centering unwind systems with expandable shafts & multi-roll capacity, automatic sheet loaders & automatic spreading tables which are ideal when cutting textiles in multiple layers.

High-Resolution Inkjet Printer

A high resolution inkjet printer is available for all TWINS models. The robust stainless steel support and the functional design of the print heads make this coding & marking system suitable for the greatest number of industrial applications. The use of cartridges cut maintenance costs and allows quickly changing both colors and inking type.

Static or Conveyorized Belt Feed Cutting Surface

The TWINS models are available with a static or conveyorized belt feed cutting surface. In the latter case, the material feeding is carried out by the combined action of the belt and a pincer system mounted on the gantry. This grants maximum feeding accuracy of both rigid and elastic materials, in single and multiple layers. The feeding and cutting accuracy allow to cut shapes longer than the cutting surface in several windows.


Patented laser scanner safety system granting the operator maximum confidence even when working while the machine is in motion; for example when picking the cut pieces on two-station tables.

Technical Specifications

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