Automatic Single Knife Slitter with “Easy-Load” Trolley



The FEBA model F720 Series Automatic Single Knife Slitter with the Easy-Load Trolley is the ideal automatic slitting machine for a variety of large diameter materials including foam & laminated foams, textiles & non-wovens, rubber, with a maximum outside diameter of 720mm (28”). In addition, the versatile F720 can be used to slit a wide variety of adhesive and bi-adhesive materials, papers & laminates, films and foils and similar materials in varying diameters and widths.

Standard features, which make the FEBA F720 a true fully automatic slitting system, include automatic double sided blade diamond-wheel blade sharpening, automatic blade positioning system, sonar & laser technology, automatic blade axis-angle adjustment, & automatic shaft holder device.

Today, many companies manufacture a vast range of products that require the need for the slit rolls to be converted after slitting. This means that product and size changes are both frequent and vital and in some cases, may only need 2 or 3 logs from each roll they are converting. This is where the truly fully automatic features installed on the F720 pay dividends. The operator is no longer responsible for long cycle times, waiting for the blade to travel through thin air at slow penetration speeds. Changing blades and logs can significantly increase down-time & overall cycle time where the costs to convert the product is no longer in tune with the base price of most lathe slit commodity products.

The semi-automatic or fully automatic “easy-load” trolley allows for simple loading & unloading of heavy, or difficult to handle, rolls of material.

1)      Load the log via the “Easy Load” semi-automatic trolley system.

2)      Automatic shaft support closes.

3)      Automatic front polycarbonate guard closes.

4)      Operator selects the desired recipe.

5)      The machine automatically finds the edge of the log & pre-programmed trim width.

6)      The machine automatically registers the OD of the log via sonar.

7)      The machine automatically finds the tip of the blade via laser.

8)      Quick, easy and profitable.

Technology, versatility, quality & service are what set FEBA Converting Machinery Srl above their competition. Quality & design made in Italy.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Material Width 1650mm – 2200mm
Maximum Log Diameter 720mm
Cutting Width 1-2200mm
Cutting Tolerance +/- 0.1mm
Blade Speed Range 0-500 RPM
Material Speed Range 0-500 RPM
Core ID 3”, 4.5” & 6”

Special Specifications Available Upon Request