FEBA F600 Series Single Knife Lathe Slitter


The FEBA model F600 Series Single Knife Lathe Slitter is the ideal automatic slitting machine for a variety of small to large diameter materials including adhesive and non-adhesive tapes, self-adhesive tapes, VHB, foam & laminated foams, non-asbestos & cork materials, textiles & non-wovens, rubber, roofing membranes, & similar products with a maximum outside diameter of 600mm (23 5/8”).

The FEBA F600 series automatic log slitter has an advanced control system, and incorporates dual axis servo or linear motor control for both indexing and cutting which results in a higher degree of slitting accuracy and overall performance. Operating as the world’s truly first CNC controlled lathe slitter, the F600 can be equipped with specifications that remove the need for the operator to manually set the movements & distances, which if incorrectly or lazily set, can quadruple cycle times. This robust machine is ideally suited for heavy duty slitting operations and companies that convert a wide range of materials in varying diameters, thicknesses and widths.

To keep the overall servicing & maintenance of the machine to a minimum, a standard lubrication device is mounted to provide the precise amount of oil to the linear guide rails and recirculating ball screw automatically: a simple yet highly effective feature for the most critical components of any automatic lathe slitting system.

Saw Blade Option : The FEBA model F400 can also be equipped with a single rotating saw blade (toothed blade) for cutting logs of polyethylene, protection film tapes, coated and non-coated plastic films, silicone paper and similar materials.  A dust extraction device, with an off-line aspiration system, is also fitted to the machine to remove the dust-debris generated by the saw blade cutting system.  Due to the excessive weights of these materials, the F400 can be equipped with a semi-automatic or fully automatic trolley to aid in the loading and unloading of the materials.

Technology, versatility, quality & service are what set FEBA Converting Machinery Srl above their competition. Quality & design made in Italy.