F4L 400

FEBA F4L 400 Series Four Shaft Twin Blade Automatic Lathe Slitter



The FEBA model 4L 400 Four Shaft Twin Blade Automatic Lathe Slitter is the ideal automatic slitting solution for high capacity converting of various adhesive and non-adhesive tapes including double coated & transfer tapes, foam tapes, polyester tapes, fabric reinforced tapes, duct tapes, masking tapes and similar standard & specialty adhesive materials.

The 4L 400 is equipped with a four shaft turret system that allows the operators to off-load the slit rolls and reload the fresh logs onto the shafts in complete safety while the other two shafts are being individually slit by their own blades. With this technology, converters can achieve not only higher yields but a far superior slit because the machine is not using one blade to cut the logs, but two independent blades; one for the top and one for the bottom shaft. Each blade is automatically adjusted in position, for clean core cutting & AXIS angle by the integrated application of OMRONS EMDS linear motor displacement system.

The FEBA 4L-400 high production multi-shaft lathe slitting system comes standard with two independent slitting carriages complete with automatic double-sided sharpening, automatic blade axis angle adjustment & automatic blade positioning. To further enhance the automation process, an automatic front guard lifting device is installed along with an automatic shaft holder device. The 4L-400 can also be fitted with a semi-automatic trolley to load the logs in-line with the shaft, or configured as a fully automatic slitting system as specified below:

1)      Log container stores 22 logs (+/-)

2)      Escalator brings logs to transfer system.

3)      Two ea. logs automatically loaded via trolley.

4)      Turret rotates to begin automatic slitting cycle.

5)      Next two logs are automatically loaded.

6)      After slitting cycle complete, turret automatically rotates to begin next slitting cycle.

7)      Trolley automatically unloads cut product onto main output conveyor.

8)      “Push Unit” ejects finished product onto packaging conveyor & removes trim.

9)      Finished product shrink-wrapped, packed & ready for shipment.

10)  Above cycle repeats (recipe driven).

Technology, versatility, quality & service are what set FEBA Converting Machinery Srl above their competition. Quality & design made in Italy.

Technical Specifications

Model 4L 400

Maximum Material Width 1600mm standard
Maximum Log Diameter 2 x 400mm
Cutting Width 1-1600mm
Cutting Tolerance +/- 0.1mm
Blade Speed Range 0-800 RPM
Material Speed Range 0-800 RPM
Standard Shaft 1”, 1.5” or 3” x 4

Special Specifications Available Upon Request

Points of Strength

  • Robust, rigid frame construction – Quality & Design Made in Italy.
  • Slitting carriage positioned on precision ground linear bearings providing low friction travel & optimum slitting accuracy.
  • Proportional blade penetration speeds via OMRON AC servo or linear motors.
  • Transversal displacement performed by an OMRON servo or linear motor that guarantees precision and rapid positioning.
  • Automatic double sided diamond wheel sharpening device.
  • Automatic lubrication & cooling system complete with recirculation.
  • Automatic lubrication of the linear guide-rails & recirculating ball screw.
  • Automatic internal & external core gripping device.
  • Interchangeable mandrels available from 1” to 6” in diameter.
  • Automatic blade axis angle adjustment (+/- 5°)
  • Automatic pneumatic shaft holder device.
  • Automatic acquisition of the log diameter via sonar.
  • Automatic acquisition of the blade diameter via laser.
  • Automatic front guard lifting device.
  • Laser to detect the start of the log with pre-programmed trim width.
  • Semi-Automatic or fully automatic trolley to load logs in-line with the shafts.
  • Industrial OMRON PLC & Touchscreen to control all the machines functions.
  • Remote modem assistance via Ethernet card for immediate factory intervention.
  • Polycarbonate protection guard with safety-interlocked doors compliant with CE standards.