F2L 350

FEBA F2L 350 Series Automatic Twin-Blade Multi-Shaft Log Slitters


The FEBA model 2L 350 Twin-Blade Multi-Shaft Log Slitters are the ideal automatic slitting machines for high volume converting of various adhesive and non-adhesive tapes including double coated & transfer tapes, foam tapes, polyester tapes, fabric reinforced tapes, PVC electrical tapes, duct tapes, masking tapes and similar standard & specialty adhesive materials with a maximum diameter of 350mm x 2.

The FEBA 2L 350 is fitted with two shafts that are slit simultaneously with two independent slitting carriages; one on top and one on the bottom. Being that the slitting carriages are independent, converters can expect to achieve a far superior finished quality since each blade can automatically adjust to the correct position, setting the correct angle of the carriage and the depth of the cut via the blade positioning system & laser technology which is critical for clean core cutting.

Standard features available include dual diamond wheel sharpening, automatic blade positioning, automatic adjustable blade axis angle, sonar & laser technology, automatic shaft holder device, and an 8” OMRON Color Touchscreen that controls all the machines operating functions including lubrication. As an option, the 2L-350 can be fitted with an automatic front guard lifting device and a semi-automatic trolley to assist with log loading and unloading.

Technology, versatility, quality & service are what set FEBA Converting Machinery Srl above their competition. Quality & design made in Italy.