FEBA F1000 FOAM Log Slitting System


The FEBA model F1000 Series Log Slitting System is the ideal automatic single knife slitter for converting large diameter foam materials including PPL foams, PE foams, PVC foams, convoluted foams and similar materials with a maximum outside diameter of 1,000mm (39.5”).

The F1000 is equipped with one circular band-knife slitting blade, 0.8mm x 50mm x 4950mm, blade lubrication & cooling system, and automatic double sided blade polishing unit via diamond wheels. Due to the nature of the materials commonly slit on the F1000, the polishing frequency and time is controlled through the PLC (variable or continuous) and the angle inputs are manually adjusted by the operator.

The slitting carriage is positioned on precision ground linear bearings, providing low friction travel & optimum accuracy. Proportional blade penetration speed & transversal displacement via brushless servo motors allow for precise slitting tolerances & improved finished quality.

The industrial OMRON PLC & 8” color touchscreen control all the machines functions with recipe parameter storage of the following: slit widths, quantity and batch counter, mandrel and blade speed, mandrel and blade direction, blade positioning, auto-polishing frequency, proportional blade penetration speeds, dwell timer, kiss-cutting, & lubrication timer.

Technology, versatility, quality & service are what set FEBA Converting Machinery Srl above their competition. Quality & design made in Italy.