F 300 EL

FEBA F300 EL Automatic Tape Slitter


The FEBA model F300 EL Automatic Tape Slitter is the ideal entry level log slitting machine for distributors & converters of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes, PVC, dielectric & vinyl tapes, foam tapes, textiles & non-woven materials, protection tapes, laminates, paper and similar materials with a maximum outside diameter of 300mm. The F300 EL comes standard with dual diamond wheel sharpening device to insure excellent edge quality, servo driven carriage displacement for increased accuracy and repeatability along with the automatic blade axis angle adjustment so different size widths can be cut from the same log without making any manual adjustments. All of the machine’s operating parameters are set in the OMRON Touchscreen with recipe recall data for quick job change-over.