CMS Tecnocut Milestone S


The Milestone S is a five-axis pure waterjet or hydro-abrasive waterjet cutting system that offers a cutting area up to 2M (78″) x 6M (236″) and can easily cut hard materials like aluminum, steel, titanium, and other metals, along with soft, semi-rigid materials like foams, rubber, gaskets, insulations, textiles & composites.  The Milestone S is a versatile gantry style waterjet cutting system, designed for intensive use and medium/high cutting tolerances.  Milestone S was born from the meeting between our high technological experience and the needs of our customers. It has been studied for easy and performance oriented processing, it provides, due to its focus on the basic essentials, a configuration designed for high productivity, and at the same time one that pays great attention towards a safe working environment.


Milestone S is designed with a high bridge structure and an integrated water catch tank, a machine tool concept aimed to achieve a compact and very high performing system.  The high bridge structure, thanks to its construction features and the sturdy materials employed, while ensuring the highest levels of safety for the operator, maintains the optimum combination of achievable tolerances and feed rates.  The system is designed & manufactured to minimize vibration and resonance, by allowing acceleration/deceleration ramps which are at the top of the market standards.

The axes sliding guides are enclosed within the machine structure and protected by a machine tool style labyrinth, named POWDER FREE.  This provides the highest possible level of protection by completely eliminating the chance that moisture, dirt and abrasive media can come in contact with the self-lubricated motion systems.  It also eliminates the typical issues connected with the use of traditional bellows, while allowing more flexible management of multiple head machine configurations.

The tank is made of electro-welded steel with a V-Structure able to bear a maximum load of 1000 KG/M2 – 205 Lbs/SQF, 2000 Kg.  It undergoes sand-blasting and ceramic painting and a version in stainless steel is also available upon request.  In order to protect and preserve the machine from corrosion and rust, all components are treated with an anti-rust process; base and bridge through sandblasting and ceramic painting, the guards through electrolytic galvanizing and power painting.


The motion system is driven, for all axes, by state of the art machine tool grade brushless YASKAWA absolute motors and drives.  The chrome-plated, size 1.37” recirculating ball guides by BOSCH REXROTH are protected by a stainless steel band, while the bearings are equipped with a double seal to ensure maximum protection from dust and erosion  The rack-and-pinion, size 1.18” (30mm), with helicoidal racks provide efficient transmission, low noise and backlash.  Very accurate ALPHA WITTENSTEIN gear boxes ensure that the entire system runs seamlessly, while allowing accurate cutting processes at very high feed rates.


The cutting head, placed on the Z-Axis carriage, has been wholly designed and assembled in CMS.  Water is brought to high pressure by an external intensifier and conveyed to the orifice, which is made of either sapphire, ruby or diamond.  From the orifice the water jet enters the mixing chamber where, thanks to the venturi effect, it gets mixed with the abrasive coming from the mini-hopper.  Orifice, mixing chamber and mixing tube are perfectly aligned and equipped with an auto-centering function which allows easy and fast replacement.


The exclusive features of the brand new, patented, JD5ax further enhance flexibility of CMS Tecnocut’s 5-Axis waterjet cutting systems, by providing very high accuracy and an unparalleled cutting quality.  JD5ax employs direct drive motors (torque) with zero backlash, with an INFINITE ROTATION AXIS © and INTERNAL ABRASIVE FLOW, as well as a tilting axis (B) up to +/- 62 degrees.  The main innovation of the infinite rotation is that there is no longer the need to restart the head after a certain amount of rotation.  This results in a more accurate cutting process and significant savings of time when cutting in nesting mode or general when working with multiple repeated parts.


As the waterjet technology does not entail a fixed tool, – unlike a milling process for example – the jet progressively loses its erosive efficiency during the cutting path, especially when working with thick and especially hard materials.  The diminished performance leads to less accurate cuts, with a larger kerf at the top and a smaller one at the bottom.  This is the taper, a typical issue of he abrasive waterjet cut.  The new JD5ax – along with the Automatic Kerf Compensation (IKC) – allows to improve the taper while cutting at higher speeds.


The abrasive supply is managed through the CMS’ exclusive electronic mini-hopper, which controls the abrasive amount as well as the correct flow of the abrasive.  If for any reason the flow is interrupted, the system automatically stops the cutting process.  The entire abrasive flow is monitored in 5 different points, so to ensure safe and smooth manufacturing operations with no interruptions due to lack of abrasive or possible clogging issues.


The main abrasive supply line is equipped with two independent tanks; one with a 2000 KG – 4400 Lbs capacity and the electronic mini-hopper to supply the cutting head.  Unlike most systems, this two tank configuration allows to refill the abrasive without stopping the machine, thus preventing damages to the material being cut, as well as unnecessary downtime.  A sensor inside the hopper detects possible lack of abrasive, by stopping the whole system immediately.


The exclusive maintenance free CMS solution to ensure continuous and efficient abrasive removal.  It prevents the accumulation at the bottom of the tank of abrasive and other deposits.  The “DREDGESYSTEM” is composed of a line of chained blades which slides at the bottom of the tank and continuously drags the abrasive in an external catch tank located outside the waterjet working table.  The entire removal system is protected by a metal net, aimed to collect scraps and waste from the cutting process, and by a metal cage.  The metal net collects scraps, preventing them from falling to the bottom of the tank and thus from damaging the dredge system.


The height sensor is an advanced system intended to perform continuous or periodic probing of material surface, in order to maintain a consistent standoff, by automatically adjusting the Z in case of uneven or irregular surfaces.  It then avoids possible collision with the material being cut and thus it prevents damages to the cutting head.  This device is conceived to leave the machine completely unattended and is available for the 3 and 5 axis cutting heads.


Forced injection, centralized and fully automated device for the management of lubrication of X, Y and Z axes, managed by the numerical control at scheduled intervals, without manual intervention and without stopping the machine.  Pressure control and oil minimum level signals shown at the NC.


The laser device is integrated with the cutting system located on the Z axis and is compatible with both 3 and 5 axis technology.  It allows to ACQUIRE the ORIGIN of the cutting process, hence allowing to process multiple sheets on the working area.  It also performs the ROTO TRANSLATION of a cutting process in case the material placed on the table is not perfectly aligned.


The anti-collision system, available on the 3 and 5 axis cutting technologies, works simultaneously as a height sensor and collision detector.   It automatically sets the correct standoff of the cutting head with respect to the material being cut and it intervenes in case of contact or collision with parts during the cutting process by stopping the machine.


A stream of fresh water is directed to the cutting area by removing possible fragments or residues of the material being cut.  The water reduces the chances of scratches and allows the feeler to work properly.  The cleaning system is also available with an automatic pump which utilizes the water of the tank, in place of fresh water.


External water reservoir, connected to the main machine catch tank, operated through a pump which allows to quickly manage the water level in order to perform fully submerged cutting (4” – 100mm Maximum). It is equipped with a “SONAR” that automatically detects the volume/size of the material loaded, by adjusting the amount of water needed to submerge the parts.


The Milestone S Waterjet Cutting System is equipped with devices which assure the highest safety level while running:

  • Z-Axis has a motor brake to stop all motions in case of voltage breakdown.
  • Safety PLC, electronic system to manage the access to the machine
  • Safety pressure switch stops should the machine compressed air be in short supply.
  • The electric and water cables are suitably supported by a chain.
  • A cutting head guard protects from the water splash back.
  • Safety front light curtain barriers.
  • Front photoelectric barriers, along with a back metal cage, prevent any possible contact with mechanical parts.
  • Optional AUTOMATIC Safety Front and Rear Doors


EAYSLINE S is driven by an industrial grade OSAAI OPEN-M, an advanced and high performance numerical control coming from CMS’ machine tool experience.  All main functions are managed from a PC Based Control Panel which allows easy and intuitive set-up and adjustment of all operations.  The PC makes it easier to program the machine and provides outstanding user-friendliness.

The visual interface enables operators to quickly adjust parameters and production values, also thanks to the 21” color monitor and the graphic simulation of the cutting path.  The system automatically manages the tool diameter, the contour vectoral speed and the slowdown when cutting, by allowing the interpolation of up to 12 axes.  The cutting programs are G-Code based and driven directly from the onboard controller.  All CMS’ numerical controls are open architecture (no proprietary code or software).  The control unit allows the set-up of a network connection for remote assistance.


Machine control system includes a hand pendant, a remote control unit able to manage up to 6 axes that allows to operate the machine in a safe manner, in compliance with the most stringent international regulations.  It features an integrated speed potentiometer, step to step or continuous motion, and emergency button.


TC2020 is a CAD/CAM software that allows the complete management of the waterjet cutting system technology and consists of 8 modules:

  2. Material Database (DB)
  3. Nesting and creation of a cutting list
  4. Definition of the cutting methods and parameters
  5. Creation of cutting programs (ISO) and taper protection correction (JDE)
  6. Production reports showing the cutting times and estimates
  7. 3D module and special machines
  8. Interface with external systems

With Tecnocut Milestone S, CMS grants each customer the possibility to have an advanced system at a very reasonable investment.  Twenty years of experience and technological advances allowed us to manufacture high performance equipment that can reduce your production costs, all strictly made in Italy.  BE THE BEST. OWN THE BEST. – CMS | your technology partner.