CMS Tecnocut Easypump




CMS has developed a new concept of high-pressure intensifier: two or three parallel, independent and electronically synchronized pressure multipliers, which deliver a constant pressure while eliminating the need of an attenuator, a typical feature of old, traditional intensifiers.

Technical Data

Tecnocut Easypump 30 Hp Tecnocut Easypump 60 Hp
Power 22,5/30 kW/Hp 45/60 kW/Hp
Cylinders 2 3
Max water pressure 4150/60.000 bar/psi 4150/60.000 bar/ps
Max water flow rate 2.5/0.66 lpm/gpm 5.0/1.32 lpm/gpm
Max diam orifices 0.28/0.011 mm/in 0.40/0.015 mm/in
Voltage 400V +/- 5% 50-60 Hz (Different voltages and frequencies on request)


Tecnocut Easypump ITA-ENG
Tecnocut Easypump FRA-DEU