Chiesa Automatic Traveling Head Press


Chiesa’s CNC Traveling Head Cutting System with 2 numerically controlled axes are a simple and cost-effective die cutting solution for cutting rigid & semi-rigid materials in rolls or joined sheets. The Chiesa hydraulic computerized traveling head press produces 33 tons if cutting pressure. With two axis control, this die cutting press increases material yields, reduces labor, and with cutting speeds up to 60 strokes per minute dramatically increases productivity.

The material feeding is guaranteed by two silicone rubber coated nip rolls mechanically synchronized to grant the same rotational speed & a positioning tolerance of +/- 0.5mm. The upper roller moves vertically via two pneumatic cylinders with a maximum opening of 120mm.

The tool carrier is fixed and the servo driven double chain drive mechanism has a positioning accuracy of +/- 0.5mm. The cutting is performed on a polypropelene cutting pad, automatically moved by a pad-shifting device with user-set frequency. This will increase the pad life by avoiding repeated cuts on the same spot and reduce die wear.

The control system is equipped with a simple user-friendly touch screen interface through which it is possible set the working cycles and carries out the cutting programs. With over 500 cutting programs available for a wide variety of die shapes, the nesting will increase material savings by 25%.

There are four different types of programs available with pre-determined parameters:

  • Standard for square/rectangle geometry
  • Circle optimization
  • Delta 1 – square/rectangle off-set
  • Advance 2 – Irregular shape optimization

The Chiesa automatic traveling head press is the ideal die cutting solution for cutting a wide range of materials including compressed non-asbestos, rubber, cork, laminated foam, textiles in multiple layers, paper & paperboard, plastics and similar products.