ATOM IntelliScan

ATOM IntelliScan


The ATOM IntelliScan Scanning Acquisition System & Nesting Module is composed of a working area of 1,500mm x 3000mm. After being marked with predefined signs and symbols, the leather hide is positioned on the scanning table where the linear scanner runs the entire length of the table acquiring the leather outline & it’s qualitative characteristics.

Recognition & interpretation software – through a powerful nesting software of symbol recognition & interpretation, the system is capable of recognizing the outer contour of the leather, quality zones, flaws/defects and reference points to accurately reposition the cutting layout when the leather will be positioned over the ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table.

User friendly interface – The scanning module is controlled through a user friendly interface which allows add/remove & modifying, manually, the quality zones or amending (few clicks) the rare interpretation mistakes made by the recognition software.

Nesting algorithm – Once acquired, the hides are temporarily stored while the nesting process takes place. It can simultaneously calculate up to 5 stored hides. This procedure allows implementing individual optimization strategies to provide outstanding yields.

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Sequential Acquisition

Sequential steps acquisition system allows the acquisition of hides larger the acquisition area, but above all, processing hides step-by-step, it eases hide inspection., by approaching the area to be inspected to the operator. Moreover, it optimizes the processing time, allowing to nest the shapes over the parts already examined.

FlashTracer Optical Pen

It allows to easily mark defects and quality area of the hides, and to display them both on the screen ad directly on the hide, each one with a proper color. Moreover, FlashTracer operates as a mouse, able to launch nesting and cutting operations and to modify parameters directly on the working area.

Bar Code

After scanning and nesting calculation, the off-line acquisition systems print an identification label with bar code to be applied to leather. Thanks to the label reader, the operator can quickly and easily find the cutting layout which corresponds to the leather processed.

Optimized Nesting

Customized systems for automatic nesting and friendly interface dramatically reduce the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed, and optimize the material yield.

Pre-Printed Materials

The in-line IntelliScan system scans the logo typed materials and coupled with the nesting algorithm, it automatically places the shapes to be cut according to the printed configuration on the materials.

Integrated Systems

Integrated acquisition systems with ATOM Flashcut knife cutting tables combine acquisition, nesting, cutting & piece collecting in one solution. These “All-in-One” solutions cut operating & labor costs and allow the complete production cycle in one single machine.

Shape Acquisition

Availability of digital scanning systems to automatically acquire pre-cut shapes or sets, eliminate the costly time associated drawing these files in an AutoCAD type software. The system takes a photo of the shape, vectorizes them, automatically corrects optical distortions, and exports data in .dxf or ATOM format ready to be cut.