ATOM FlashCut SPEEDY BP Series

ATOM FlashCut SPEEDY BP Series
High Production Cutting Systems



The ATOM FlashCut SPEEDY BP Series high production CNC digital knife cutting systems are equipped with the patented “pinch & grab” feeding system with transport cutting belt and the dual independent 5 or 7 tool cutting heads which make the BP models the perfect automated solution to cut large quantities of synthetic man-made materials in single or multiple layers. Engineered for maximum precision, reliability, power and speed, indigent of ATOM technology, make the Speedy BP series the perfect instrument to obtain maximum production & efficiency for the gasket, technical textile, & composites industries.

For multi-layer textile material processing, the multi-position roll holder, or a spreading device for laying up to 50 layers, the exclusive “pinch and grab? System ensures the perfect handling of the material to the cutting area, while the two cutting heads with multiple tools allow to quickly and precisely process textiles. The Speedy BP is equipped with either a 1650mm or 2100mm wide conveyor belt, perfectly sized to process textile rolls, and an advanced nesting software that optimizes material yields.

Wide Range of Models & Configurations

FlashCut SPEEDY 1660 BP

Equipped with dual cutting heads with 5 or 7 tools and a 1600mm wide conveyor belt.

FlashCut SPEEDY 2160 BP

Same design and features as the 1660 BP model, but equipped with a 2100mm wide conveyor belt.

Points of Strength

Points of Strength

  • Pinch & Grab Pincers: Covered by an international patent, the “pinch and grab” feeding systems assures maximum material fixing during the material index and cutting phases. The moveable back clamp assures maximum feeding accuracy, within +/- 0.1mm tolerances, while the front clamp is fixed and combined with the partitioned vacuum system, grants the perfect material “hold-down” during cutting, even with high speed operations and multi-layer processing.
  • Partitioned Vacuum System: Powerful, partitioned, adjustable vacuum system, to be adapted to any type of material or job and concentrated where needed. The software recognizes the shape and position of the material along with the position of the cutting head and automatically opens the sectors in the area where the material is being placed during cutting which offers the highest energy savings at the same time.
  • High Brightness Overhead Projectors: High brightness overhead projectors assure a clear visualization of any material or color in any work environment. Using LED lamps they grant high brightness, low maintenance and a long life. To speed up and ease the picking of cut pieces, the software manages the back projectors (2UP Version) to collect the parts by size and shows the cut pieces divided by color.
  • Two Independent Cutting Heads & High Cutting Accuracy: Two independent 5 or 7 tool multi-tool cutting heads, available with a variety of cutting chucks, marking pens and punching tools, grant maximum production & through-put. The flat working surface, and the perfect parallelism with the knife, supported by a rigid structure, offer homogeneous cutting accuracy and longer life to the transport conveyor belt.
  • Material Handling Solutions for Rolls or Sheets: To ease the loading and feeding operations a variety of material handling solutions are available to handle materials in both rolls and sheets.
    Manufacturers Supplies Company engineers & manufactures a complete range of standard & custom designed material unwinders & unwind stands for the handling of web materials including gasket materials, foams & laminated foams, rubber, cork, textiles & nonwovens, paper, composites, and similar products in varying dimensions and weights.

Our unwind stands are a robust, complete, packaged solution for unwinding web material. We source the highest quality components available, specified for your unique application, and configured for easy integration into your existing cutting process.

For materials in sheet form, the material is loaded onto a hydraulic platform, both in single or stapled multiple layers. A special vacuum suction cup device grips the material and positions it onto the back of the machine. The feeding system will automatically stop the machine when there is no longer material available. The sheet feed system is available on all models equipped with the cutting belt & clamps.

Technical Specifications

ATOM Flashcut SPEEDY Series
ATOM Flashcut SPEEDY 1660BP & 2160BP