ATOM FlashCut SPEEDY B Series

High Production CNC Knife Cutting Systems
ATOM FlashCut SPEEDY “B” Series



The ATOM FlashCut SPEEDY B Series high production knife cutting systems are the optimal automated dieless cutting solution for the footwear and leather goods industries. The dual cutting head with a 5 or 7 tool configuration can be equipped with a wide range of cutting chucks, marking pens and 3-5 rotating punching tools. Engineered for maximum precision, reliability, power and speed, indigent of ATOM technology, make the SPEEDY B series the perfect instrument to obtain maximum production & efficiency for the footwear, furniture & automotive industries.

Wide Range of Models & Configurations

FlashCut SPEEDY 1660 B

Equipped with dual cutting heads with 5 or 7 tools and a 1600mm wide conveyor belt.

FlashCut SPEEDY 2160 B

Same design and features as the 1660 B model, but equipped with a 2100mm wide conveyor belt.

FlashCut SPEEDY 2660 B

Equipped with dual cutting heads with 5 or 7 tools and a 2600mm wide conveyor belt & a tilting table to increase the support and nesting area. The wide cutting surface allows you to process both half and full leather hides.

VISION PLUS – Acquisition & Quality Area Detection Systems

ATOM’s Advanced Acquisition & Quality Area Detection Systems are surely key factors of the ATOM dieless cutting solution. Actually, it completes the cutting system, optimizing material yields and dramatically reducing the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed. Since this is a crucial feature to any dieless cutting system, ATOM developed a series of digitizing & acquisition systems coupled with unique software packages each capable of nesting shapes for a variety of market sectors. VISIONPLUS automatically acquires the contour of the leather, regardless of the color, as well as the quality area of pre-marked hides with any light condition. The range includes IntelliView off-line solutions as well as IntelliScan integrated in-line systems.

IntelliView – Off-Line Acquisition Systems

The IntelliView models can automatically acquire the leather contour of any style or color. The lighting system and the exclusive FlashTracer optical pen allow a clear visualization of the surface and ease the quality area marking and display them both on the screen and directly on the hide, each one with a pertinent color. After scanning and nesting calculation, the IntelliView off-line acquisition systems print an indentification label with bar code to be applied to the leather. Intelliview range has both static and conveyorized off-line models available in various sizes coupled with optimized nesting software strategies.

IntelliScan – In-Line Acquisition Systems

The IntelliScan models can automatically acquire leather contour and quality areas of pre-marked hides with any light condition. Available as both an off-line version or integrated with various FlashCut knife cutting systems, they are widely used in the automotive and furniture industries. In addition to leather hides, the IntelliScan in-line system also scans logo typed (printed) materials. Together with the nesting algorithm, it automatically places the shapes to be cut, considering the position of the graphic or printed material.

Points of Strength

Points of Strength

  • Partitioned Vacuum System: Powerful, partitioned, adjustable vacuum system, to be adapted to any type of material or job and concentrated where needed. The software recognizes the shape and position of the material along with the position of the cutting head and automatically opens the sectors in the area where the material is being placed during cutting which offers the highest energy savings at the same time.
  • High Brightness Overhead Projectors: High brightness overhead projectors assure a clear visualization of any material or color in any work environment. Using LED lamps they grant high brightness, low maintenance and a long life. To speed up and ease the picking of cut pieces, the software manages the back projectors (2UP Version) to collect the parts by size and shows the cut pieces divided by color.
  • Two Independent Cutting Heads & High Cutting Accuracy: Two independent 5 or 7 tool multi-tool cutting heads, available with a variety of cutting chucks, marking pens and punching tools, grant maximum production & through-put. The flat working surface, and the perfect parallelism with the knife, supported by a rigid structure, offer homogeneous cutting accuracy and longer life to the transport conveyor belt.
  • Optimized Nesting Software: Customized systems for automatic nesting & user friendly interface dramatically reduce the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed and optimize material yields. Automatic nesting software sold with automatic cutting machines is normally a “standardized” package, designed to deal with a specific issue but not able to deliver optimal results in diverse environments nor is customized to meet greater demands. ATOM does not believe in the “one size fits all” approach and for this reason we offer a variety of nesting solutions designed for a variety of materials and industries. ATOM offers the “complete cutting solution”, since we deliver our experience, the software package and the cutting system.

Technical Specifications

ATOM Flashcut SPEEDY Series
ATOM Flashcut SPEEDY 1660 B & 2160 B
ATOM Flashcut SPEEDY 2660 B