Global Partners

Manufacturers Supplies Company specializes in the complete sales & service of precision cutting & converting technologies for a wide variety of industrial sectors. Over the years, we have partnered with only the highest quality & most reputable equipment manufacturers in the world, solidifying our reputation as the leading supplier of industrial converting systems & solutions.

ATOM SpA – Vigevano, ITALY

Atom’s production of cutting machines began over 65 years ago, initially designed to support the cutting needs of companies in the Vigevano footwear district. Their first products were specialized in the cutting of leather hides and it was challenging to use them for cutting materials with different properties. Over the years, they differentiated their production and versatility of their cutting systems to meet the cutting demands of diversified market sectors. Atom’s commitment in providing cutting solutions for an ever growing number of industries drove their engineers to design machinery able to cut a variety of materials. Products which throughout the years, as a result of continued investment in research and development, moved from the consolidated die cutting presses to the recent prestigious automatic oscillating knife cutting systems.

The ATOM FlashCut dieless knife cutting table represents the company’s capacity to capture the latest innovations in the market and of the most up-to-date customers. ATOM is in fact, without any doubt, the world leader in soft and semi-rigid material cutting technology, from its reference market – footwear and leather goods – to gaskets, foams, plastic materials, composites, technical textiles, and … many others.

After nearly 45 years of collaboration, ATOM SpA and MSC joined forces in 2006 to further develop and expand the North American market for industrial applications. This joint venture, ATOM-MSC USA, represents the common vehicle of collaboration for servicing the industrial market, giving their customers the opportunity to leverage on the direct presence of ATOM side by side with M.S.C. in the North American territory to support its commercial offers. Learn more about the company by visiting

Chiesa Artorige Srl – Vigevano, ITALY

Chiesa Artorige Srl has been manufacturing cutting presses in Vigevano, IT for over 50 years and their present line consists of the TTM Series Full Beam Cutting Press with various feeding systems & the Sanson F1 EDI CNC Traveling Head Press. CHIESA are considered the market leader for industrial die cutting applications – particularly for the abrasive, gasket, foam & automotive markets.

Chiesa pioneered automatic die cutting and developed the first belt fed die cutting press in the late 1980’s & patented the electrically driven (no hydraulics) CNC automatic cutting press in 2006 . The long experience gained in the automatic cutting industry through thousands of installations & the steady dialog with their customers helped in creating a reliable, safe & user friendly performing product.

RFS Comec - Hydraulic Cutting, Plating, Thermoforming & Vulcanizing Presses

For over 50 years, RFS Co. Mec has delivered undisputed business success. Production includes hydraulic presses for polishing soles and insoles, plating and printing machines for printing, plating (polishing) and cutting leather and synthetic products.  Over the past 20 years, the following have been added to the production range:thermoforming units for E.V.A. and polyethylene, hydraulic presses for vulcanization and hydraulic presses suitable for the automotive sector.

Thanks to an ever-renewed system of studies, continuous research of new materials, meticulous evaluation of the quality / price ratio and ten years of proprietary experience coupled with absolute availability responding to customer’s requests, RFS CO.MEC’s products are today known and appreciated both in Italy and throughout the world.

Guidolin Girotto Srl

Guidolin Girotto is a certified market leader in technical flexible material converting. They are specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of electro-mechanical flat-bed die cutting presses, rotary die cutting machines, digital laser cutting systems, dieless knife cutting systems, & guillotine cutting machines for kiss cutting and total cutting, and offer a wide range of cutting solutions for materials in rolls or sheets. Their precision cutting systems suit a wide range of applications, as they can be assembled according to the customer’s requirements, to the type of application and the type of material, and they can be equipped with many optional systems.

Their technical skills and experience in the field allow them to constantly develop innovative strategies in cutting solutions and in their machinery range, in order to satisfy the requirements of complex applications by ensuring rapid and high cutting precision. Excellent quality standards, high cutting precision, power and versatility are distinctive features of their machinery which qualifies Guidolin Girotto as a world leader in the narrow web converting market.


FEBA Srl Converting Machinery

FEBA was born in 1968 as a sole trader in the city of Busto Arsizio (Varese, Lombardy), an important industrial and manufacturing region in northern Italy since the 19th century. The first machines were designed and produced for the local market, but FEBA soon established itself overseas through export sales in the 1980s.

Their production includes fully automatic electronic lathe slitting systems (single & multi-shafted), slitters-rewinders, semi-automatic & fully automatic log winders, packaging machines, sawing machines for protection films & specialty laminating systems. FEBA also designs special machines to “keep in touch” with the new materials to convert.

Sales where increased all around the world and in 1990 a new plant was opened in Bienate (in the province of Milan), where a team of qualified staff designs, produces and tests all the products, installation and training to the final customer. Shortly afterwards FEBA began the cooperation with the current UK-agent (Eurograv Ltd.) and North American-agent (Manufacturers Supplies Co.) as well as France (Dorey), which gave the possibility to increase their range of machines, cover a larger market sector and improve customer assistance.

The ability to supply custom converting systems and tailored engineered solutions to meet the customer’s specific requirements is what makes FEBA a leader in converting machinery market.

IMESA Srl Converting Machinery

IMESA Srl, a 40 year old Italian company, engineers & manufactures a complete range of multi-blade slitters, slitters-sheeters & transversal guillotine cutting systems, with working widths from150mm to 3200mm, for companies working in several industries including; gaskets, heavy rubber, conveyor belting, calendared materials for pipe production, expanded materials, leather, transportation upholstery and similar fields.

The IMESA machinery range are commonly used for slitting & converting coated rubbers & resonated-fabrics, gum rubber, foam & laminated foams, non-asbestos materials, PTFE, silicone, SBR, PVC, nitrile, polyester, & urethane belting materials, fiberglass & Kevlar fabrics, & flexible materials in general.

The flexibility and strength of IMESA allows them to integrate standard slitting systems with special equipment engineered & manufactured on demand indicative of the customer’s unique production requirements. All of the IMESA machinery ranges are strictly compliant with the latest European CE safety requirements and the quality as well as the reliability is guaranteed by continuous tests to which they are subjected to at the end of each manufacturing process.